Big Data and the City: special issue of Built Environment

Special Issue of Built Environment on ‘Big Data and the City’; Volume 42, Number 3, Autumn 2016

  • Editorial: Big Data, Cities and Herodotus – Batty, Michael
  • Big Data and the City – Batty, Michael
  • From Origins to Destinations: The Past, Present and Future of Visualizing Flow Maps – Claudel, Matthew; Nagel, Till; Ratti, Carlo
  • Towards a Better Understanding of Cities Using Mobility Data – Lenormand, Maxime; Ramasco, José J.
  • Finding Pearls in London’s Oysters – Reades, Jonathan; Zhong, Chen; Manley, ED; Milton, Richard; Batty, Michael
  • A Classification of Multidimensional Open Data for Urban Morphology – Alexiou, Alexandros; Singleton, Alex; Longley, Paul A.
  • User-Generated Big Data and Urban Morphology – Crooks, A.T.; Croitoru, A.; Jenkins, A.; Mahabir, R.; Agouris, P.; Stefanidis, A.
  • Sensing Spatiotemporal Patterns in Urban Areas: Analytics and Visualizations Using the Integrated Multimedia City Data Platform – Thakuriah, Piyushimita; Sila-Nowicka, Katarzyna; Paule, Jorge Gonzalez
  • Playful Cities: Crowdsourcing Urban Happiness with Web Games – Quercia, Daniele
  • Big Data for Healthy Cities: Using Location-Aware Technologies, Open Data and 3D Urban Models to Design Healthier Built Environments – Miller, Harvey J.; Tolle, Kristin
  • Improving the Veracity of Open and Real-Time Urban Data – Mcardle, Gavin; Kitchin, Rob
  • Wise Cities: ‘Old’ Big Data and ‘Slow’ Real Time – Carrera, Fabio
  • Collecting and Visualizing Real-Time Urban Data through City Dashboards –Gray, Steven; O’Brien, Oliver; Hügel, Stephan

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