June 25, 2015. Cucumber Downy Mildew in Seneca County, OH

Cucumber downy mildew was confirmed in Seneca County in pickling cucumbers.  The grower first saw symptoms on June 22.  This is the first report of cucumber downy mildew in Ohio; we were expecting to find it given the rainy conditions and proximity of other recent first reports (Kent County Ontario and Monroe County, MI.   Please see the recommendations posted on June 20, below.

Zing! is an additional fungicide to consider, preferably before symptoms appear.  This fungicide contains zoxamide, similar to Gavel, but instead of mancozeb is pre-mixed with chlorothalanil.  So the preharvest interval (PHI) for Zing! is 0 days for cucurbits, compared to 5 days for Gavel.

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