June 22, 2015. Cucumber/Melon Downy Mildew Update

Well, wouldn’t you know it?  In my last post only 2 days ago, I reviewed the downy mildew situation in Ohio and the Great Lakes Region in general, commenting in bold that there were no reports of outbreaks north of North Carolina.  That has all changed now, with reports of downy mildew TODAY from Kent, Ontario and Monroe County in SE Michigan.  It is likely that downy mildew is also in Ohio – we just don’t know about it yet. So Ohio cucumber and melon growers should begin preventative sprays of fungicides effective against this pathogen.  See the June 20, 2015 post below for details.

Once again, we would appreciate samples of suspected downy mildew, or let me know if you suspect downy mildew in your crop, at miller.769@osu.edu or by commenting below.

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