Friday, October 20:

1.30–2.00 PM:   Coffee & Welcome

2.00–3.30 PM:   Ed Slowik (Winona State)
“Cartesian Holenmerism and its Discontents: Or, On the ‘Dislocated’ Relationship of Descartes’ God to the Material World”

Coffee break

4.00–5.30 PM:   Domenica Romagni (Princeton)
and Simon Shogry (Brasenose College, Oxford)
“The Influence of Stoic Epistemology on Descartes’ Theory of Judgment”

6.00 PM:   Reception

Saturday, October 21:

9.00–9.30 AM:   Continental breakfast

9.30–11.00 AM:   Justin Steinberg (CUNY, Brooklyn College)
“Spinoza on Civil Agreement and Bodies Politic”

11.15 AM–12.45 PM:   John Grey (Michigan State)
“Conway’s Monism Reconsidered”

Lunch break

2.00–3.30 PM:   Andrea Guardo (Wisconsin-Madison)
“Making Sense of Locke’s Confession”

Coffee break

4.00–5.30 PM:   Lauren Kopajtic (Columbia)
“The Authority of the Impartial Spectator”

7.00 PM:   Conference Dinner for speakers and organizers (at Strongwater)


Sunday, October 22:

9.00–9.30 AM:   Continental breakfast

9.30–11.00 AM:   Bennett McNulty (University of Minnesota)
“The Meager Science of Time: Kant on Mathematical Construction of Inner Intuitions”

11.15 AM–12.45 PM:   Dai Heide (Simon Fraser University)
“A Mereological Argument for the Non-Spatiotemporality of Things in Themselves”