To-Do list #2


Rocket Fizz-

As I have been exploring Columbus to complete this assignment I tend to visit places that please my already known interest as I was told by upperclassmen that Rocket Fizz was a sweet tooth’s heaven so I packed up my bags and made my way. When I walked in I was overwhelmed by all of the bright colors and all of the things that were all over the place. At first I was not even quit sure where to look because so much was going on but I loved the chaos from the colorful soda pops all around the room to the unique candies spread out through the middle.

Northstar Café-

Before I had arrived to Northstar I had assumed that I would enjoy it because typically I love Cafes, however, I did not love this one. Before I had even placed my order I was disappointed in the menu, everything seemed so complicated when all I wanted was a soup and salad. As I began to look at the drinks they had I became very disinterested because I was very unfamiliar with them. However, the staff inside were all very friendly and found my confusion to be quite humorous as they could tell I should probably still to being your typical Panera girl.

Mikey’s Late Night Slice-

Mikey’s Late Night Slice looked like it was probably the hot spot of the summer. It had a very edgy and youthful scenery that consisted of lights hanging above the outside dining area and murals on the surrounding walls but I loved all of it. Unfortunately, it was a bit too chilly to sit around eating pizza outside but it did smell delicious and I fully intend on returning back there in the spring when I can get the full experience. When we first walked into the gate it reminded me of the concessions stand at my neighborhood pool when I was a kid and created a very nostalgic feeling that I adored.

Pt. 2-

I thoroughly enjoyed completing this assignment because it forced me to expand my horizons in Columbus outside of campus which I most likely would not have done if it was not for a grade. However, after participating in this and seeing all the new things in Columbus that I had never seen before back in my home town I believe that I will continue to explore the city and eventually explore outside of just Short North. I would say my favorite experience of this entire process would be trying all of the different flavor taffy’s inside of Rocket Fizz or playing with dogs at the near by pet store along side my best friend who is also my roommate even though it wasn’t in the original plan we always believe you should never block you blessings– which means we could not pass up on puppy play time.



Year in Review

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Peer group: Kayla, Bo and Evan

Our group chose to take a visit to short north and try Melt. Originally I was extremely excited to try all of their cheesy fried dishes but unfortunately I had a stomach bug this week and was forced to eat lightly. However, they do have a great salad I will say. I had fun on this mini adventure as I got to know my peer group a bit better. As I looked at their dishes I can wholeheartedly say I will be returning and I would recommend going to try something new because although I did not taste it, it looked wonderful.


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Artifact 1-

My junior year of high school I spent a semester volunteering with a second grade class and still till this day it was my favorite high school experience. It really reminded me how much I truly love kids and love giving back to my community. I have always been a very caring person and on my last day here all the kids cried and smothered me in hugs no matter how many times their teacher told them to stay in their chairs. I had plenty of accomplishments through out high school but this is what I am most proud of because I watched ESL kids go from failing every spelling test to passing after a few weeks of working with me and I will always be grateful for such an experience.

Artifact 2-

Since I have been in college I have already faced multiple challenges and a lot of adversity but the girls you see in this picture have made everything so much better for me. I have a great group of friends who are all self motivated to succeed in everything they do which inspires me to do well too. They all come from different backgrounds and we have all taught each other something new and forced each other to grow. Friendship has always been a very important thing to me and leaving my friends at home to go to school up here was really hard for me but these girls have all made the transition way easier.


About Me

My name is Maya Middlebrook and I am a first year business major specializing in marketing however, I am also in the humanitarian engineering scholars program. I know it sounds a bit odd for me to be in an engineering program being that I am not a engineering major but I wanted to have a diverse resume as well as learn about different things I won’t get in my own classes. In high school I did a range of things from captain of my soccer team, to class president, to modeling and numerous other activities all to gain experience and give myself a holistic character. I intend on receiving my masters right after finishing undergrad and then retiring by the age of forty to pursue a career in the non profit world. My favorite thing to do is volunteer so that’s how I want to spend my life after I have become financially stable. I want to build multiple homeless shelters within my hometown that provide programs allowing those who stay there to get back on their feet and even teach them how to handle their finances while maintain healthy lives. I am still young and have not planned out all the minor details of my life yet but I’m a very hard working person and have never fell short of any expectation I hold for myself so I’m extremely excited for my next four years here at The Ohio State University and everything that follows.




Ideation- Growing up my friends always told me I am an “over-thinker” because I like to analyze things and try to find connections between things. My teachers always thought I was funny because I was always brainstorming and trying to list different possibilities and coming up with new takes on various things.

Futuristic- I have a serious bad habit of frequently zoning out and day dreaming about different scenarios that could happen in life because I’m very creative and I’m very fascinated by all the different possibilities that could potentially happen.

Developer- This is one of my strengths but it is also my weakness. I have a genuine passion for helping others and I find it very satisfying but often times I am so focused on helping others reach their full potential I forget to help myself.

Maximizer- Go big or go home is a motto of mine because I like taking one good thing and expanding on it to improve it. I have never been one to be content with just “good”.

Relator- I have been labeled as the mother of my group of friends because I am the most caring one and I am constantly checking on everyone and making sure I spend time with them as much as possible so to hear that I encourage a “deepening of the relationship” is no surprise to me.