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(Updated Jan 2019)


Peer Reviewed Publications

Oyakawa, Michelle. 2015. “’Turning Private Pain Into Public Action’: The Cultivation of Identity Narratives by a Faith-Based Community Organization.” Qualitative Sociology 38(4): 395-415

Delehanty, Jack and Michelle Oyakawa. 2017. “Building a Collective Moral Imaginary: Personalist Culture and Social Performance in Faith-Based Community Organizing.” American Journal of Cultural Sociology. Forthcoming, available online.



P3 Lab at University of California Santa Barbara

Religious Leadership and Diversity Project


Other publications:

Han, Hahrie and Michelle Oyakawa. 2018. “Constituency and Leadership in the Dynamic Evolution of Resistance Organizations” in The Resistance: The Dawn of the Anti-Trump Opposition Movement. Edited by David S. Meyer and Sidney Tarrow. Oxford University Press.

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Shining The Light: A Practical Guide to Co-Creating Healthy Communities

This is a field guide written in 2010 by a team of community organizers from ISAIAH in Minnesota and researchers at The Kirwan Institute for the Study of Race and Ethnicity at Ohio State.  It outlines concepts and tools that community organizations can use to increase racial equity within their organizations and more effectively design and work on racial justice campaigns.

I led the ISAIAH/Kirwan team during the writing and revising process and was one of the lead co-authors on this document.

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