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Hello future and current college students!

I am here to tell you how important it is to have enhanced listening and viewing strategies! Once you’re in college you will see how important it is to understand what the instructor is saying. I’m not talking about the actual topic the professor is lecturing about (which is very important), I’m talking about how important it is to see how the actual instructor looks at a topic or how they solve a certain problem. The importance of this is that most of the time they will be creating your exams, quizzes, homework, etc. You will want to how they order things, how they rank their importance on a topic, and what they are looking for in a problem. The reason you will want to know this is so you can receive a good grade! This is why it is important to have great listening and viewing skills. You are going to want to listen to everything they have to say but also to write down what they state so you can go back and study the material for future references. However, it can be tricky to do this at the same time especially with a boat load of distractions that you will notice in a college lecture. You must find a balance of writing and listening at the same time so you can gather the information and have it handy to study later on in the semester. There are lists of note taking strategies from a Skeleton method which is the most generic and straightforward to the Mind Maps method which is very visual and involves shapes and lines. I’m just asking you to find one of these strategies so that you can effectively understand what your instructor is saying, writing down key information, and be able to go back and review it for future exams, tests, homework’s, and so on. Hope this helps!

Thanks for reading!

Estifanos (Steve) Mewael


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