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Hello future and current college students!

I am here to tell you how important it is to use online resources to enhance your study and learning habits. It is crucial that you find a tool online to help you better in the classroom. In college there is so much going on from your academics, to extracurricular activities, to your social life, to maybe even your work schedule. So it is important to keep your priorities straight and make sure you are accomplishing your academic tasks as best you can. From that you may not have all the time in the world to do so. With the help of an online web-enhance site, you will better effectively write a paper, study, or even learn a subject more efficiently and in less time. There are so many tools online that will help you with almost all of your classes. From scheduling your study times to watching videos on chemistry, everything is on the internet!  I personally was struggling with my physics course and had no idea to learn the material. I couldn’t stay on the same page as the professor in lecture and the book was miles ahead of me. So I stumbled across a website called Khan Academy. It was so useful! I learned the same material on my own time; I went back and forth on topics and in time started to do better on the homework’s, quizzes, and exams.  However Khan Academy is not for everyone. I am here to tell you to look for a website to help you. I was never a fan of flashcards but my roommates always used them. I would know show him lists of website that have flashcards that just work more effectively and would save time on creating the flashcards. Hope this help!

Thanks for reading!

Estifanos (Steve) Mewael

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