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Hello future and current college students!

I am here to tell you how the use of technology to communicate and collaborate effectively on academic projects is awesome! Everyone these days has a smart phone, tablet, or laptop that can do all sorts of entertaining things. However, all of these items can help you in your academics as well and make your life so much easier and less stressful. Throughout college whatever you’re major is you will be stuck on an assignment or be put in a group to accomplish a certain assignment. Both of these things can be really stressful especially if you do not know how you are going to finish a problem or if you feel trapped, hopeless, and quit on the task. With the help of your technology you can simply contact whomever you need to and ask for assistance wherever or whenever. You might be overlooking a math problem which is holding you back on other assignments but with the click of a button you can contact your instruct, TA, or just a friend in that class with an email, blog post, or another online communicating tool. Technology these days is making it easier for people to communicate and ask questions that they can’t or are afraid to ask on certain topics or assignments. With the help of technology it is going to be easier to collaborate with your classmates leading to a breakthrough in your schoolwork that may have been overlooked. Trust me when I say things get a lot easier when you can communicate with technology. I can’t tell you how many times I have emailed one of my group members with questions on a task and receiving instant input that leads me to finish the task earlier and even better. Rather than continuously staying up all night looking for things that I have overlooked. Communicating and collaborating saves you time and will lead to better and more efficient ideas.

Thanks for reading!

Estifanos (Steve) Mewael

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