New Papers!

We are very pleased to announce 2 new publications, both appearing in the Journal of Insect Physiology!

Derek Huck’s paper describes the effect of nutrition on the reproductive physiology of mosquitoes. He found that males that consumed a low-sugar diet had less fat, altered metabolites and fathered fewer offspring than males that consumed moderate and high sucrose diets. Here is a link to read more! 



Lydia Fyie’s paper describes the impact that light pollution might have on seasonal responses in mosquitoes. Specifically, Lydia’s work shows that exposing mosquitoes to short days and artificial night at night in the lab causes them to avert their overwintering dormancy, and instead bite and lay eggs. Check it out here!



Congratulations to Derek and Lydia on what is likely going to be their first of many first-authored papers! 🙂

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