Jeff Dobur

e322fc94-7219-460b-b3a1-ae3738f0abdeJeff Dobur currently serves as a Senior Hydrologist at the National Weather Service Southeast River Forecast Center (SERFC) in Peachtree City, Georgia. Prior to this, he has served as a Hydrologic Analysis and Support Meteorologist at SERFC, a Public and Aviation Forecaster at the NWSFO Peachtree City, GA, a Hydrologist with the Ohio River Forecast Center (OHRFC) and a Meteorologist at the NWSFO in Wilmington, Ohio, in addition to working as an Assistant to the State Climatologist in Ohio. My educational background includes a BS in Atmospheric Sciences from the Ohio State University (1997) and additional course work in Hydrology/Civil Engineering from the University of Cincinnati. Mr Dobur has served on several national and regional teams within the National Weather Service specializing in water and flood forecasting.

My interests in weather and flooding started as a child growing up in Cincinnati, Ohio along the Ohio River. I realized early how flooding can impact a community. This interest lead me to working with the National Weather Service.

His presentation is entitled “Water Forecasting in the National Weather Service”