Bryan Wood

Bryan Wood

Meteorologist & Operations Analyst – Assurant Specialty Property

A native of Akron, Ohio, Bryan was one of many young weather lovers inspired by the legendary Dick Goddard. Bryan had a very brief honeymoon as a student at Ohio State during their previous National Championship season – 2002.

He is in 7th year of scientific sorcery at Assurant Specialty Property in Springfield.  Bryan is best known for his daily weather reports that deliver information with analogies and business applications that can are easy to digest. He works with all of Assurant’s Banking & Mortgage clients to analyze their risk to severe weather.  He is a collaborator on Assurant’s Catastrophe Response Plan bulletins, which have won Gold & Platinum MarCom awards. He coordinates Assurant’s “Second Wave” Catastrophe Response Team, working to make sure their clients are taken care of after events like Sandy and the 2013 Oklahoma tornadoes. His empathy presentation based on his experience chasing the Henryville EF-4 tornado has helped coworkers better understand the plight facing homeowners immediately after disaster.

In addition to his meteorological duties, Bryan does business analyst work as well. He has a Six Sigma Green Belt and is a current Black Belt candidate.  He is currently involved in the National Weather Association’s college student mentoring team, which is soon launching an online presence.

In his spare time, Bryan enjoys playing sports, gardening, cooking, storm chasing, reading Non-Fiction, studying weather impacts on industries outside of insurance and writing 3rd person profiles about himself in case he gives a speech.

His presentation is entitled “Hail: Increasing Losses & a Look at the 5/25/11 Dayton Hailstorm”




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