2004 Symposium


1)  Jim Kosarik – (Lead Forecaster – NWSFO Cleveland, OH)

     & Chris Mello –  (Information Technology OfficerNWSFO Cleveland, OH) –

     “Utilization of the Cleveland NWS Workstation ETA Model and Lake Effect Snow”

2)  Tom Johnstone (Information Technology Specialist, Wilmington, OH NWSFO): “Implementation of the Ohio Valley Mesonet”

3)  Jeff Dobur (Forecaster, Peachtree City, GA NWSFO): “Model-Derived Precipitation Efficiency: An Operational Forecast Tool”

4)  Dr. Carolyn Merry (The Department of Civil Engineering) “Uses of Remote Sensing in Meteorology”

5)  Dongjun Seo – (UCAR Scientist – Office of Hydrologic Development, NWS Headquarters) “Quantitative Precipitation Estimation Using  WSR-88D: The Hydrologic Story”

6)  Dan McCarthy (Warning Coordination Meteorologist, Storm Prediction Center, Norman, OK): “May 2003 Series of Outbreaks: Comparisons  to Climatological Trends”

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