Group Project

The movie is about 10 minutes. Our group members are Jiaxu Li, Shawn Wu and me. I made part 1, Jiaxu Li made part 2 and Shawn Wu made part 3. Part 1 used three specific stories to show what is culture shock, in three aspects, appointment, name and friendship. Part 2 discussed why culture shock appear, and its causes and effects. Part 3 gave some suggestions on getting through culture shock.

3 thoughts on “Group Project

  1. I like the video of your group very much, the whole presentation logic is very strict.
    The dictionary definitions were used in this presentation, which are cool and reflect your rigorous attitude. Furthermore, you guys listed a lot of interesting examples in the ppt, by which I mean the three specific stories to show what is culture shock in three aspects, which really attracted me.

  2. Hi, Ethan. Your group members did a great presentation that really touched me. The three specific stories you put forward are very interesting and help me understand the three parts that international students may encounter doubts and challenges on, and these are the questions I worry about. But just like what you said, culture shock also has a positive impact on us, which can exercise our ability to adapt to the new environment. Therefore, we should face culture shock positively, such as looking for emotional support, improving academic ability and so on, which are very helpful.

  3. Hi, Ethan. I like your movie very much. First, you have a brief and clear introduction of your movie. Second, you guys talk about the the culture shock from three different and unique angle. Finally, the stories are vivid and appropriate.

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