Group Project

The movie is about 10 minutes. Our group members are Jiaxu Li, Shawn Wu and me. I made part 1, Jiaxu Li made part 2 and Shawn Wu made part 3. Part 1 used three specific stories to show what is culture shock, in three aspects, appointment, name and friendship. Part 2 discussed why culture shock appear, and its causes and effects. Part 3 gave some suggestions on getting through culture shock.

Plagiarism Project

The Plagiarism Project is about reading peer’s summary, finding out four plagiarisms the peer made previously and giving our thoughts on how to fix these issues following the bad summary.


Photo Reflection

Job 1 Im interested in: Design Manager

The design and technical side of exhibition management

I think design manager is a good job that I can work in various kinds of fields and work with different people and companies. This job makes me feel a sense of honor to listen to the demands of customers and provide them satisfying products. Design managers do three things. One, provide expertise on graphics, structures, and human factors to identify consumer needs and behaviors and develop a cohesive brand. Two, lead and develop project team, and determine strategies to improvement productivity or overall team processes. Three, develop hypotheses for brand improvement or growth and isolate key areas for brand opportunities.

My intended major is Computer Science and Engineering so I can attach to many useful software which can be used in industry. Design managers with software knowledge are more aggressive in most popular jobs. Thus, I think my major and this job are totally related, but I need to learn some professional design knowledge based on the specific industry. Skills like design and people management let design managers earn more, the average salaries for design and people management are above $82816 ( Also, the salary standard is related to work experience level with a linear relation.

I do think the level of satisfaction is more important than the salary. For me, I usually consider a job like an activity which can bring me fun more than a simple loop to be finished over and over. In design jobs, because managers always need to make presentations and to communicate with people from different parts, the work experience can be better if I treat a job like a friend and put effort into it. I can feel happy to work and exchange experience with others.



Job 2 Im interested in: Lead Applications Developer

Write and debug software for applications

Lead applications development is really suitable for me that I think the app development is a promising job right now, and it is totally related to my major. I am very interested in this job. I can use the professional knowledge like C++ and Visual Basic, sometimes Python to build app structures, friendly interface for users. That is the job which I can work as an intern in college. Lead applications developer usually focus on five aspects. One, test and document software for client applications. Two, mentor other employees in development methodologies. Three, write, modify, and debug software for client applications. Four, write code to create single-threaded or user interface event driven applications, either stand-alone and those which access servers or services. Five, use source debuggers and visual development environments.

The average lead applications developer salary is above $84,000 even you are the first year at this job. Further salary level is also promising and increase as more experiences you have. People skilled with SQL or C# earn more than others, actually Java and Python are usually used to write source code and compile line by line as well.

The level of satisfaction is definitely more important than salary for me to be a lead application developer. The brain workers care about how meaningful their projects are and how can they improve. Because most coworkers in this area have the similar thoughts, about 46% of the lead application developers get lower stress and 55% of them feel higher satisfaction


Personal Profile

Where I live, about my family, and about my interests

won the first place in competition

won the first place in competition

My name is Tinghao Meng, and you can call me Ethan. Tianjin is the city I live in for 20 years. It’s a really great city with beautiful night view, and also a good place to enjoy your life. My mom and dad are both working in building trades, and they keep patience and put all efforts on me to make me a better man because I am the only child they got. My interests are soccer, cycling and games, so if you have same interests like me, we can play together. I usually played soccer longer than an hour after school during high school period, and got several medals in competitions. However, I was a little upset that I can’t go outside to have fun with my friends due to COVID-19.



Schools I went to and an interesting experience

laying on grass at 2a.m.

laying on grass at 2 a.m.

I spent all my school period in China, including 2 years college life in Tianjin. One great thing about my high school was, teachers there were open mind and they made me think a lot. I even use the thinking schema till now, then the result is I made a transition to OSU. An interesting experience I think was, during the world cup in 2018. Because of time difference from Russia, the cup games played in the midnight in China. During the rest time between two games, my friends and I rode bikes all around the city, and we saw the beautiful views on buildings, river and all the things around our city in about 2 a.m. It was not alike what we usually saw. Later we ate BBQ and watching another exciting game that night. It is still one of the happiest memories I have had.



Reason to choose OSU and what I plan to study

run a face detection model

run a face detection model

I chose OSU because it has one of the best engineering school in the U.S, someone told me there are professional computers and portrait screens for students in engineering majors. Also, I heard OSU put great efforts on sports and they have honored performance on football in recent decades. For me, I like exercises and playing soccer usually. OSU loves sports, and I like sports, so I think we fit each other. I plan to study Computer Science and Engineering, because I think AI is really interesting that we can create plenty of amazing products like image classification, natural language processing, etc. I want to learn how to use syntax right and make amazing models to even put them on edge devices. As a result, I’m a buckeye in engineering school now.