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Job 1 I’m interested in: Design Manager

The design and technical side of exhibition management

I think design manager is a good job that I can work in various kinds of fields and work with different people and companies. This job makes me feel a sense of honor to listen to the demands of customers and provide them satisfying products. Design managers do three things. One, provide expertise on graphics, structures, and human factors to identify consumer needs and behaviors and develop a cohesive brand. Two, lead and develop project team, and determine strategies to improvement productivity or overall team processes. Three, develop hypotheses for brand improvement or growth and isolate key areas for brand opportunities.

My intended major is Computer Science and Engineering so I can attach to many useful software which can be used in industry. Design managers with software knowledge are more aggressive in most popular jobs. Thus, I think my major and this job are totally related, but I need to learn some professional design knowledge based on the specific industry. Skills like design and people management let design managers earn more, the average salaries for design and people management are above $82816 ( Also, the salary standard is related to work experience level with a linear relation.

I do think the level of satisfaction is more important than the salary. For me, I usually consider a job like an activity which can bring me fun more than a simple loop to be finished over and over. In design jobs, because managers always need to make presentations and to communicate with people from different parts, the work experience can be better if I treat a job like a friend and put effort into it. I can feel happy to work and exchange experience with others.



Job 2 I’m interested in: Lead Applications Developer

Write and debug software for applications

Lead applications development is really suitable for me that I think the app development is a promising job right now, and it is totally related to my major. I am very interested in this job. I can use the professional knowledge like C++ and Visual Basic, sometimes Python to build app structures, friendly interface for users. That is the job which I can work as an intern in college. Lead applications developer usually focus on five aspects. One, test and document software for client applications. Two, mentor other employees in development methodologies. Three, write, modify, and debug software for client applications. Four, write code to create single-threaded or user interface event driven applications, either stand-alone and those which access servers or services. Five, use source debuggers and visual development environments.

The average lead applications developer salary is above $84,000 even you are the first year at this job. Further salary level is also promising and increase as more experiences you have. People skilled with SQL or C# earn more than others, actually Java and Python are usually used to write source code and compile line by line as well.

The level of satisfaction is definitely more important than salary for me to be a lead application developer. The brain workers care about how meaningful their projects are and how can they improve. Because most coworkers in this area have the similar thoughts, about 46% of the lead application developers get lower stress and 55% of them feel higher satisfaction


4 thoughts on “Photo Reflection

  1. Hey Ethan
    When I saw your article for the first time, I felt the layout of this article was great! Both design manager and application developer are great jobs for CSE students, especially devoted stuednts. Those who program and test deserve such high salary because they do really hard work. As far as what I experienced, it is a high-pressure job (though it reports not so high according to, but if it is what you interested in, you will feel satisfied.

  2. Hi, Ethan. It’s easy for me to read the article and understand what you want to convey thanks to your clear article structure and the two images you chose. Both of the jobs need patience and vision. The two jobs seem tiring, thus you cannot be a master just for their high pay. True love for them is essential. I can feel your interest in the two job when reading the article. I believe you can get what you would like to get. May you good luck.

  3. Hey Ethan, I like the way you use subheads to divide the two recommended jobs. This way makes your article looks tidy. From your explanations about the design manager, I realized that this job is not as relaxing and interesting as I expected before. Both of these jobs need to bear heavy burden and pressure but just like the sentence, which is β€œ the work experience can be better if I treat a job like a friend and put effort into it”, I believe that you can find a way to get into your job and also enjoy it.

  4. Hi, Ethan! Our results are quite similar. I can see from your description that you enjoy your major. And I totally agree with you that the satisfaction is much more important than the salary. I think the most important factor of the satisfaction is the interest. It is the interest that encourage us to keep fighting. I’m glad to see that you are interested in your major and your job.

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