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Where I live, about my family, and about my interests

won the first place in competition

won the first place in competition

My name is Tinghao Meng, and you can call me Ethan. Tianjin is the city I live in for 20 years. It’s a really great city with beautiful night view, and also a good place to enjoy your life. My mom and dad are both working in building trades, and they keep patience and put all efforts on me to make me a better man because I am the only child they got. My interests are soccer, cycling and games, so if you have same interests like me, we can play together. I usually played soccer longer than an hour after school during high school period, and got several medals in competitions. However, I was a little upset that I can’t go outside to have fun with my friends due to COVID-19.



Schools I went to and an interesting experience

laying on grass at 2a.m.

laying on grass at 2 a.m.

I spent all my school period in China, including 2 years college life in Tianjin. One great thing about my high school was, teachers there were open mind and they made me think a lot. I even use the thinking schema till now, then the result is I made a transition to OSU. An interesting experience I think was, during the world cup in 2018. Because of time difference from Russia, the cup games played in the midnight in China. During the rest time between two games, my friends and I rode bikes all around the city, and we saw the beautiful views on buildings, river and all the things around our city in about 2 a.m. It was not alike what we usually saw. Later we ate BBQ and watching another exciting game that night. It is still one of the happiest memories I have had.



Reason to choose OSU and what I plan to study

run a face detection model

run a face detection model

I chose OSU because it has one of the best engineering school in the U.S, someone told me there are professional computers and portrait screens for students in engineering majors. Also, I heard OSU put great efforts on sports and they have honored performance on football in recent decades. For me, I like exercises and playing soccer usually. OSU loves sports, and I like sports, so I think we fit each other. I plan to study Computer Science and Engineering, because I think AI is really interesting that we can create plenty of amazing products like image classification, natural language processing, etc. I want to learn how to use syntax right and make amazing models to even put them on edge devices. As a result, I’m a buckeye in engineering school now.


3 thoughts on “Personal Profile

  1. I’m eager to pay a visit to Tianjin and enjoy its traditional food like Goubuli Baozi. You mentioned that its night view is wonderful, I want to have a look to see whether it is comparable to Suzhou’s which I believe is splendid. I haven’t stay up very late for games. But I want to have a try in the days to come. AI is trend, I also want to pick up some knowledge in the university.

  2. Really nice to meet you Ethan! We are all transfer students and our major are quite similar. I am studying in the industrial engineering and have some same courses with CSE. What’s more, I am glad to hear that you also enjoy cycling. Cycling around the city at night is a fantastic thing when you can feel the most peaceful and quiet time of the city. Hope to see you soon!

  3. Hi Ethan, I enjoyed reading about your interest in sport and playing soccer. Also, I’m sorry that you are feeling little down that you are not been able to go out and play you usual sports as you used to prior to the COVID 19. However, I don”t know much about soccer but I came from a country, Sierra Leone, West Africa. There, soccer is call foot ball and it’s consider a very big sport. My family and majorities of the people there, especially the boys are big on soccer. I wish I could have be a fan of soccer because I see my siblings make a lot of noise whenever there is a soccer day in my house. Also, you have made the right choice to come to OSU because you are at an advantage of enjoying your sport while studying your Computer Science. Good Luck!

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