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I visited in order to find two suitable careers for me. Among the 10 options given by this website, I chose senior sales executive and relationship manager to conduct in-depth research through the

Senior Sales Executive

Senior sales executives need strong communication skills. Before becoming a senior sales executive, as a general salesperson, you need to have strong performance as the basis. Becoming a senior sales executive, not only to lead the entire team, but also to have a keen market observation ability, and actively promote the bridge between customers, employees, and leaders. The senior sales executive should be a normal job for me. This job does not connect with my major, music, at all. Most of the people in this job are a business administration major or management and operation major mostly. However, the reason that I think I can handle it, is the communication skill. According to the research, the average salary of senior sales management is 78,149 US dollars per year, and the national median pay is  91,500 US dollars per year. I feel that I am not particularly satisfied with this salary, but if I can have more work experience, I can make more money. At I saw some people can make the salary to 130,000 US dollars every year. This job has 80 percent of job satisfaction and 39 percent job stress. It is good to see that. However, in my opinion, this job is not that meaningful for me. 

Relationship Manager

A relationship manager is a position where communication is the main mode of work. This work is mainly responsible for the relationship between different people and things. They need to explain to the client what the company is doing, the company’s rules, and why the customer chose the company. To a certain extent, they represent customers and need to be the bond between the customer and the company. They must comply with the company’s regulations and pursue the company’s interests while pursuing efficient communication with customers. The main task of the relationship manager is to cultivate the customer through communication and have completed the company’s goals. Increase brand awareness, drive performance, and deliver high-quality services. This job also has no relationship with the music major. The average salary of a relationship manager is 63,994 US dollars per year and the national median pay is 73,500 US dollars per year. Also, some people can make it to 114,000 US dollars each year. If I can make that much money, I will be satisfied. Sixty-six percent of those in this profession have a bachelor’s degree and eighteen percent have an MBA degree. This job has high job satisfaction, low job stress, and high job meaning. It might be a good job for someone who has a business administration degree or management and operations degree.

Better Career Option for Me

If I have to choose my job between these two positions, I probably will choose to be a senior sales executive. Because I am confident about my communication skills. I am an outgoing person, so I think this position will fit me better. Also, one thing that I like about this job is if you work harder, you will gain more.

Meng,Xiangqi PrePro FD

    My name is Xiangqi Meng, and I come from China. I also go by Amanda, which is much easier to pronounce. I like to listen to music in my free time, such as pop music and musical theater pieces. I started to learn to play the piano and singing since I was 6 years old. Through music, I can express my emotions and feel peaceful in my heart. In my free time, I also like cooking and baking. Using different seasoning to cook the same ingredient, it will turn out totally different dishes. For me, it is the most interesting thing in the world.

    Both of my elementary school and middle school were in China. I made some very good friends back then. Even now, when I go back to Chian, we will still gang out. We love to share our recent life and laugh together. I am really proud of those friendships I have with them. I came to the US when I was a sophomore in high school, and I went to Lancaster Mennonite School in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. I am glad I made that decision. People from there were all very peaceful and friendly, and I felt I belong there. I learned a lot about US pop culture, and also made some life-long friends which I never expected.I applied to seven colleges last year and the Ohio State University was one of the three schools that admitted me. I choose to come to the Ohio State University because I thought here will fit my the best. I always wanted to be on a big campus, therefore I can experience more diversity and different culture. Now I am a BA degree student, however, I might change it to a music education major. I like to work with little children. I also want to learn some music media skills. In the future, I really want to have my own music school so I can apply all my knowledge that gain from the OSU to my daily life. 


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