just when i thought i would never have to do another migration and i got the server set up all nice, wouldn’t you know it — the university is making me move the site! sigh… after some trials, it looks ok though… whew!



just enabled http2 on our work site… not sure if it’s really going to be faster with drupal but i’m hopeful. at least switching from mpm prefork to worker will be a benefit.

chrome web server


starting doing google chrome audits on our site, which got me interested in their progressive web apps… don’t know too much about it yet but sounds great, especially when internet connections are weak … started doing their tutorial and they use an extension called “chrome web server” which lets you develop on localhost just in the browser, also i like the logo they use — so cheerful!


have been reading about http/2 and looking at lots of benchmark tests that say it’s a good way to speed up a site… although not as dramatically as they tend to sell it. tried it out on the dev site and looks pretty easy to set up (we already have certificates so it’s just a matter of updating our php and enabling the apache module). will try it out on the prod sites this week and keep an eye on our speed/analytics… and hope for some exciting results!

edit: major re-group, turns out our login system won’t work with http/2 (seems we need to use prefork MPM which mod_http2 doesn’t support)… oh well! guess it’s back to optimizing the old skool way, at least still the login system changes!


xml days

minotaur.jpggot stuck with a yucky job at work but a side benefit was working with some xml that had a really interesting structure and some cool data… it was fun circling down through all of the branches

done and done

finished the theme redesign, hurray! i couldn’t wait to stop messing around with stylesheets, which was totally giving me cts — and get back to what really matters, sleeping and playing some bigfishgames! i mean, if you’re doing to wreck your health by over-doing it on the computer, you should at least enjoy it





was messing around today with the drupal shib_auth module, trying to see what it might take to port it to drupal 8 (although i think i’ll just wait or use simplesamlphp instead) but i had no idea until i started how different drupal 8 is… i’ve just glanced at it in the past and there are things like the system table information in now stored in sites/default/files/php, which kind of threw me. i know it’s just a matter of getting used to it but…

down and around and..

M. C. Escher, Hyperbolic tessellation: Circle Limit III, 1959

i’ve always said i hate stylesheets… and i do, definitely!

not to say there aren’t amazing things you can do with it, along with some jquery/javascript — it’s almost like magic and impresses the users. still it kind of bugs me after a while…


finally getting clamav set up on my ubuntu server to work with drupal — what a pain! got it working as an executable but not daemon which is annoying because it’s much slower that way… still acquia only run it as an executable so maybe that’s the best way