Learn How to Download MedNet21 Webcast Schedules

OSUWexnerbloglogo2014Learn How to Download MedNet21 Webcast Schedules in this tutorial. If you’re a viewer that normally watches our CME webcasts, this tutorial will help you better under how to get access to our release schedule for our on-demand CME webcast series. If you’d like to get access to view some of our older webcasts, this tutorial will help you with that as well.

First, navigate to our website at https://ccme.osu.edu. Then, click on the View Webcasts button under Latest Webcasts.

Now, go to the middle of the webpage and click on the schedule you’d like to see.

The schedule should automatically download and be located in the “Downloads” section on your computer, device, or tablet. The PDF of the schedule will also most likely be listed at the bottom of your web browser similar to the picture above. Double-click on the PDF to open the schedule.

You should see the MedNet21 Schedule open.

Note: You’ll need to have a PDF reader/viewer on your computer, tablet, or device to view the schedule.





How to Download MedNet21 Evaluations

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to download MedNet21 evaluations for your group viewers.

First, click on the blue Admin Section button.


Then, click on the Webcasts button.



You’ll see a listing appear showing the webcasts available. Click the Select button next to the webcast you want. You’ll notice this on right, next to the date.



On the next page, you’ll see three tabs. Click the Associated Files, Downloads, & Evaluations tab.



Now, click the Download button for the Program Evaluation.  Once you have your form, print the number of copies you want from the file.  Please do not make copies as the evaluations cannot be scanned into the evaluation system and are therefore not able to be processed.

How to Download Hospital Affiliation Reports for MedNet21

Here’s how to download Hospital Affiliation reports for MedNet21. First, log into your account and click on the blue Admin Section button.


Second, click on the Reports button within the Hospital Dashboard.


Next, click the Affiliate Information button.


The page above will appear.  Leave the default selections and click the Export button to download the Excel spreadsheet.


Once your report downloads, you should see it appear at the bottom of your page or within your Downloads.