What Hospital Site Administrators Need to do for MOC

OSUWexnerbloglogo2014Here’s a guide to help you understand what Hospital Site Administrators need to do for Maintenance of Certification (MOC). One of the most important items is ensuring that attendees are signing in before your CME Webcast sessions and indicating if they they would like CME, MOC, or both during the group viewing.  If physicians would like MOC, they must take the pre-test on our website (https://ccme.osu.edu/) before coming to the webcast group viewing.

Here’s what the time sheet should look like. Make sure it has a checkbox or something similar for selecting MOC. If attendees want MOC, they must select the checkbox or indicate “Yes”. This is important because if they select that they want MOC, you will not assign them CME for attending the webcast.

For each attendee that indicates that they would like MOC on the time sheet, you’ll need to navigate to the Admin Section for the webcast to indicate their intent, by selecting the MOC checkbox for the webcast.

Here’s how to do this.

Log into your account and click the Admin Section button.  Once in the Admin Section, click the Webcasts button.

Click the Select button to choose a webcast.

Notice that there is an MOC checkbox  on the screen next to the name of the physician.

Click the checkbox for each individual that indicated that they want MOC.

Also, for any person that wants MOC, you cannot assign that person a CME credit. This is because with MOC there is a self assessment element to the educational process, and a pre-test and post-test must be completed to earn the MOC point.

The only way individuals can get MOC is by completing the pre-test before viewing the webcast, and then by passing the post-test after the webcast. If the user takes the pre-test and passes the post-test, a CME credit and an MOC point will be added to their on-line account.