Get CME for Elder Abuse and Neglect Webcast

OSUWexnerbloglogo2014 Get CME for Elder Abuse and Neglect Webcast. Abuse, mistreatment and neglect of older persons occurs every day in the United States. In fact, the National Council on Aging estimates that 1 out of every 10 Americans over age 60 have experienced some form of abuse. That’s as many has 5 million older adults who are abused each year. But only a small fraction ever get reported. As physicians, you are often in the best position to recognize mistreatment of older patients and today on MedNet21, we’re going to show you how to do it. Joining our moderator in the studio today, to tell you how to identify elder abuse is Assistant Professor of Emergency Medicine, Dr. Lauren Southerland. Then, to tell you what to do when you suspect elder abuse, we have attorney, former magistrate at the Franklin County Probate Court, and guardianship expert, Kelly Patton.

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What you’ll learn in this webcast

As a result of this educational activity, webcast participants will be able to: UNDERSTAND the types of elder mistreatment and how to identify them; DESCRIBE the different local, state, and national agencies can assist with helping victims of elder mistreatment.

You’ll also learn about the following:

  • Common presenting complaints of abused or neglected older adults
  • Who the office-based physician turn to for help when abuse or neglect is suspected
  • Suspicious fractures and injuries
  • Recognizing financial exploitation
  • Challenges with guardianship availability
  • The role of the social worker
  • Resources for Elder Abuse and Neglect

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