How to Add An Affiliation for Enduring Materials

OSUWexnerbloglogo2014This tutorial teaches how to add an affiliation for Enduring Materials.  When you add an affiliation, you’re simply adding the hospital that you’re connected with inside the Hospital Affiliation section of your account on our website.  This is because your hospital has paid to give you “free” access to our enduring materials post-test.  However, you can only get access if you add the affiliation to your account.  Instead of paying $25, you won’t be asked to make a payment.

Note: First, create an account on our OSU CCME website before starting the tutorial.

Let’s get started with the tutorial.

Click on the orange”My Account” tab at the top right of your screen


Click on the Hospital Affiliations button.


At the Drop-down Menu select your hospital name or the name you’re using for your affiliation.


Once you choose your Hospital Affiliation, Waiting will appear in the Status column.  The Waiting status will appear until your affiliation is approved by the Administrator. If you attempt to take a post-test in the Waiting status, you’ll see a web page dialog to make a payment.  Please wait until you are approved.

When your account gets approved, Approved will appear in the Status column.

You will also receive an e-mail, similar to the e-mail above, once your account is approved.

Listen to Audio Only CME Podcasts

Logo for MedNet21 CME Podcast

Listen to Audio Only Podcasts. You can now listen to our audio only Podcasts on the go in your car, while exercising or performing other activities. Here are the details on how to listen:

Note: This tutorial only describes how to access our Podcast. You must always go to the webcast page to get objectives, take the post-test, and to earn CME credit.  Disclosure information and PDFs can also be found on webcast pages here: Visit our OSU MedNet21 Webcast Library

Just click on the link below to listen on computers, Apple devices or Android Devices:

Listen To Our OSU Mednet21 CME Podcast

How to Listen to Our Audio Only CME Podcasts

If you’re using an Android phone or tablet, visit the Google Play Store and download and install a podcast app. The program will allow you to listen to our audio only podcasts.

For those using Apple iPhones, iPads, or Mac computers, you can subscribe to the Podcast through the Apple Podcasts app.  If you’re using an Android device make sure your podcast app is installed prior to trying to listen to our audio only podcasts.

If you need to listen to the podcast from a PC, you can use the “Listen To Our OSU Mednet21 CME Podcast” link above. Please note, podcasts are only available starting with the 9/9/22 podcast discussing “Hip Problems”. 

If you need additional assistance contact us by e-mail at or call 614.293.3473.