Watch Webcast to Learn Latest on CPT Coding Updates and Tips

OSU Wexner Medical Center logo Watch Webcast to Learn Latest on CPT Coding Updates and Tips. On this webcast, we’re going to be focusing on the most common services, the codes for evaluation and management or E and M services. Joining us in the studio to discuss inpatient coding and billing is hospitalist and Assistant Professor of Internal Medicine, Dr. Eric Nolan. And then to discuss ambulatory coding and billing, we have general internist and Associate Professor of Internal Medicine, Dr. Jodi Grandominico.

What you’ll learn in this webcast

  • Learn ways to optimize the accuracy of documentation and billing
  • Learn how to optimize documentation, diagnosis, and problem association to accurately reflect the patient’s complexity in their Diagnosis Related Group (DRG)
  • Understand ambulatory coding updates
  • Document less
  • Big wins for primary care!
  • Get paid for the work you (already) do

You’ll also learn about the following:

  • New changes to inpatient CPT coding
  • Improvements to primary care reimbursement

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