Learn Latest About Alcohol Use Disorder

OSU Wexner Medical Center logo Learn Latest About Alcohol Use Disorder. Alcoholic beverages have been and still are important in many social, religious, and ceremonial uses. A toast for example is a common part of weddings. But alcohol, we now know has numerous negative effects. Alcohol can damage the heart, the liver, and is linked to numerous cancers. It can be consumed to excess and can lead to dependency and life-threatening withdrawal. So, how do we as physicians balance the common and important societal uses of alcohol with the negative health impacts and guide our patients to avoid and treat unhealthy alcohol use?

For this topic, we’ve invited a national leader of Alcohol Use Screening and intervention who happens to be here at Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center. We are pleased to introduce Professor of Internal Medicine Dr Daniel Jonas. Dan is the division director of General Internal Medicine here at Ohio State.

What you’ll learn in this webcast

As a result of this educational activity, webcast participants will be able to:

1. Describe unhealthy alcohol use
2. Understand the burden of unhealthy alcohol use
3. Review an evidence-based, practical approach for
4. Incorporate cases that cover common clinical scenarios

You’ll also learn about the following:

  • Motivational Interviewing
  • Screening
  • Follow-up
  • Moderate Use
  • Pharmacotherapy

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