Expert Teaches on Peripheral Vascular Disease

OSUWexnerbloglogo2014 Expert Teaches on Peripheral Vascular Disease. In the United States today, the majority of amputations are done to treat complications of vascular disease such as from Diabetes. The good news is, recent research shows the rates of amputation in diabetic patients is decreasing. The true rate of Peripheral Arterial Disease is very difficult to assess since most patients are asymptomatic but the CDC estimates approximately 6.5 million Americans have Peripheral Arterial Disease. Here to discuss more about the pathophysiology of PAD as well as the variety of treatment options—which thankfully no longer hinge on amputation—is one of Ohio State University’s Vascular Surgery experts. We’re pleased to introduce Assistant Professor of Vascular Surgery Dr. Kate Peng.

What you’ll learn in this webcast

As a result of this educational activity, webcast participants will be able to:

  • Identify the symptoms of Peripheral Arterial Disease.
  • Describe the management options for Peripheral Arterial Disease.

You’ll also learn about the following:

  • PVD vs PAD
  • Women and PVD
  • Elevated ABI
  • Foot Care
  • Pharmacotherapy

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