How to Print CME Credits for Physicians

OSUWexnerbloglogo2014 How to Print CME Credits for Physicians will be the topic of this short tutorial. This tutorial will show you how MedNet21 site administrators can print credits easily while inside their MedNet21 Admin account. For non-Admin users, you can find your credit history by selecting the Manage Your Account button within your CCME website account.



First, click on the blue Admin Section button.


Next, click on the Current Affiliations tab.


Second, click the blue circle icon on the left with an “i” in the middle next to the user’s name.


When the next page appears, navigate to the User History tab.

You should now see the credit history.  Click the Print All button to print all of the credits for the user.


You can also print the credits based on a date range.   Choose a start date and end date in the text boxes under Select Date Range and then choose the Search button. The user credits should appear based on your selected date range. Click the Print All button to print the credits for the user.


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