Subscribing to Audio Only CME Podcasts using an iPhone

Subscribing to audio only CME Podcasts using an iPhone is straightforward.


First, click on the link to Listen to Audio Only CME Podcasts.

Then click on the link below to add the Podcast to your  iPhone:



Click on the Subscribe button at the dialog window.



You should see a thumbnail for Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center on your device.  This means the Podcast has been added.  Tap the thumbnail with your finger.



Details can now been seen about the webcast. To download all Podcasts available click the Add Old Episodes button.



A dialog window appears which allows you to select the audio Podcasts that you would like to download.  Select the ones you would like available for  listening by clicking the radio buttons on the left.  Click the Add button once you’re ready to add your Podcasts to the list.


Your Podcasts should now appear in the listing. Click one to start listening.  If you want, you can click the arrow button which downloads the Podcast.  It advisable to download Podcasts on while on a Wi-Fi network to reduce the data usage on your device.


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