How to Install Silverlight on PC Computers

If you are a PC user, you’ll need to install Silverlight to view our OSU MedNet21 webcast.

Here’s a tutorial that will show you how to install Silverlight:



If you click on the “View Webcast” link on one of our webcast pages and don’t have Silverlight installed, you should see one of the images above.  To download the software, you can click the button that displays “Click Now to Install” or “Get Microsoft Silverlight”.   You can also visit this link:



When you get to this page, click the Download Now button.



Now, click the Save File button.


You’ll notice that the Silverlight.exe file can be found in your Downloads folder once it finishes downloading.  Double-click on the Silverlight.exe file.


The following Dialog window will appear.  Click the Run button.



Next, click the Install Now button if you agree with the License Agreement.



Once you click Install Now, you should see a window similar to the above.


The following Installation Successful dialog window will appear, once the installation process is complete.  Now, click the Close button.





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