Hello! I am a graduate student at The Ohio State University. My current field of study is High-Energy Astroparticle Physics. I am working with James Beatty’s group which researches high-energy neutrinos and high-energy cosmic rays as part of the Center for Cosmology And AstroParticle Physics(CCAPP). I currently work on the development and testing of software for the IceCube Experiment and assembling of the electronics for the High Energy Light Isotope Experiment(HELIX).

I graduated from Florida International University(FIU) in the year 2015 with a Bachelors of Science in Physics and Biomedical Engineering and a Minor in Astronomy. In the year 2018 I received my Masters of Science in Physics from The Ohio State University. My research in my undergraduate career included several different projects. I studied the effects of deep electrical brain stimulation on recovery after an incomplete spinal cord injury under the supervision of Dr. Brian Noga in the Miami Project to Cure Paralysis. I also did research under the supervision of Dr. Walter Van Hamme pertaining to light curves of stars in the presence of extrasolar planets.

If you have more interests please feel free to check out my CV on this webpage or my linkedin.