Mahari in Digital Mediation

This is the online compendium documenting my process of engaging with digital mediation in 3D animation. I present my PaR component in which my motion captured movement animates a 3D model. I collaborate with animator Steven Conroy to develop a 3D animation sequence that imbricates my choreographic and technological practice with theoretical concerns from performance studies and digital humanities.

Name: Out-ing Mahari: Sculptural Fragments (2017)

Date of Creation: May 2016 to May 2017

Venue: Advanced Computing Center for Arts and Design at The Ohio State University

Length: 5 minutes

Description: This collaborative encounter of dance and technology surfaces the historical Mahari in my motion captured movement where my movements accentuate her movements and the 3D environment establishes the sculptural and architectural associations of the Mahari with the Hindu temples of Odisha.

Durable Document: and digital file.

This online compendium documents my 3D digital mediation experiments with Odissi. I use motion capture technology to capture my embodied movement as 3D data. I use the data to animate computer generated 3D animation models. I collaborate with professional animators to further my own experimentation of my movement data. I use the medium of 3D animation to establish the connections of my movement to the historical Mahari through emotive, performative, mythical, and sculptural fragments.