2023 Video Equipment Update

I’m back with another update on audio and video equipment, this time with a focus on affordable setups to record yourself for courses and vlogging.


If you’re just doing Zoom calls or recording yourself using some other piece of software, a good webcam and mic is about all you need and my previous favorites still win out.


Logitech Streamcam $170

A great webcam that delivers 1080p at 60fps, is Windows/OSX cross-platform, provides robust control via Logitech Capture, plays nicely with OBS, and can be easily changed to vertical orientation.



Logitech 4K Pro (formerly Brio Ultra HD) $200

A step up from the Streamcam, the 4K Pro can do 4K or 1080p60 with HDR providing even better images.



Blue Yeti X $170

The Yeti has proven to be a tried and true microphone and the added visual meters the YetiX adds are invaluable.



Ring Light

Clamp-on ring light with webcamAdding a ring light to your webcam will provide a dedicated, well-placed key light improving your overall image. They’ve become mainstream enough that you can easily find a plethora of options in the $20-$40 range.





If you aren’t tied to using a computer at a desk, a smartphone-based setup will yield similar quality with the flexibility of something pocket-sized.

Vlogging kit with tripod, smartphone, light, and microphoneRode Vlogger Kit (for iOS / for USB-C) $150

Rode makes an affordable kit that comes with a directional shotgun mic, LED light, and mini tripod that can double as a handle for portable recording. It comes in two models, one for iOS devices with Lightning and one for USB-C devices.



Mirrorless Cameras

Mirrorless cameras provide the quality and full features of DSLRs without the bulky size. Being able to be used on your desk, on the go, and for still photography may make these kits attractive to those that don’t mind the higher price for extra features and functionality. There are several good options available, but this one is a kit directly from the manufacturer for as opposed to a kit assembled by a third party.

Camera and accessories in front of packagingCanon EOS M50 Mark II Content Creator Kit $900

This kit tailored for desktop video recording comes with a respectable camera body, 15-45mm lens great for shooting close subjects, tripod with bluetooth remote controls that can be used as a handle when going portable, and a stereo shotgun mic. The only thing missing is a light.


Portable Lights

If you do end up with a kit that’s missing a light, which is fairly common with mirrorless camera kits, a ring light or one of these portable lights will supplement it well. Like smart RGBW lightbulbs, these can also be used to create attractive lighting in your background.


Apurture MC $90

Packed with features like app control, magnetic back for flexible mounting, dual USB-C / Qi charging, and impressive brightness, this RGBW light is impressive for it’s price.



Small LED lightSmallRig RM75 $80

A recent direct competitor to Aputure’s MC light, these two go toe-to-toe in features.

SmallRig also makes the white-only Vibe P96L and its smaller brother the P96 Video LED Light with a slightly lower price.


Wireless Audio

A wireless lapel mic will provide even better audio if you don’t specifically need to capture ambient sounds.

Group of two small wireless clip-on microphones and one receiverRode Wireless GO II Mic $200 / $300

Since my last article, Rode has upgraded their Wireless GO mic adding some very nice new features. The new GO II now has universal compatibility with 3.5mm TRS, USB-C and iOS output, extended range up to 200m, and the option for a single or dual transmitter model to record two mics at the same time.

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