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Tuesday Instagram launched a new app, currently for iOS with an Android version planned, that easily creates hyperlpase videos.  What’s it called you ask?  Hyperlapse, of course.

Hyperlapse by Instagram

What exactly is hyperlpase? Hyperlapse is a type of timelapse photography. In traditional timelapse footage, or a series of still images, is sped up in post-production to create a fast motion sequence. Hyperlapse alters the position of the image frame-by-frame to create a smooth motion tracking sequence in fast motion. Check out their promo video for some examples and comparisons with normal footage.

Hyperlapse framing comparison

The end image is smaller, or what would appear to be more zoomed in, than the original since there needs to be leeway to rotate and pan each frame.

What’s unique about Instagram’s new app is that instead of using image processing to stabilize the image it’s using data from the gyroscope in your phone. This save the traditional heavy computational requirements to plot a course through the frames of video. Instagram has an in-depth explanation of the technology behind their app available on their engineering blog.


There’s tons of accessories and gadgets available for smartphones to make them capable of very high quality recordings, but photographer Lorenz Holder shows you seven tricks to help create some awesome stills and videos. I had several Why didn’t I think of that? moments while watching.


Lastly, has fantastic, regularly updated lessons and tutorials about filmmaking and related topics from the science of sound to DIY equipment construction.






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