Videographer Overview  

male looking through video camera viewfinderWhat does a videographer do?

  • Uses a hand-held video camera during NBA basketball  games
  • Records video during interviews with news reporters
  • Shoots video of surgical procedures in a medical operating room
  • Shoots video during reality TV shows
  • Shoots video during a boxing match

What companies need videographers?

You can find jobs as videographer working for companies such Apple, Microsoft, NASA, PBS, CBS, NBC, MLB, NFL, and universities. There are too many opportunities to name.

male standing behind video camera adjusting tripod withe wireless handheld mic in hand

What skills are needed?

To be successful as a videographer, you’ll need to be an expert in the following:

  • Knowing how to adjust the various settings on a video camcorder
  • Understanding how to white balance cameras and how to adjust video camcorders
  • Knowing how to set up light kits and on-camera lights
  • Demonstrating how to shoot high quality b-roll and a-roll
  • Understanding how to set up and level balance a tripod
  • Knowing how to work with lavalier microphones

What’s great about the career?

Videographers get to meet all types of people from normal everyday people, to popular people, and even famous people. In order to be able to tell many great stories, you need videographers to capture the moments.

young male holding video camcorder on right shoulder looking through viewfinder