Streaming Consultant

                             Streaming Consultant Overview

Laptop display a video image with popcorn and sun glasses next to itWhat does a Streaming Consultant do?

  • Provides expertise on streaming video
  • Helps organizations with their streaming needs
  • Provides expertise on video encoding, live streaming, and on-demand streaming
  • Helps with live streaming events or special projects

What companies need Streaming Consultant?

Streaming consultants are needed at companies like Apple, Hulu, Amazon Studios, Netflix, Microsoft, NASA, PBS, CBS, NBC, MLB, NFL, universities, and other organizations.

What skills are needed?

Blue composited image with world in background showing YouTube icon in foreground

To be successful as a streaming consultant you’ll need to be an expert in the following:

  • Understanding codecs and various compression settings
  • Knowing how to implement streaming media players
  • Demonstrating knowledge of video encoding tools and live streaming tools
  • Knowing how to make videos look good for live streaming and on-demand streaming
  • Understanding HTML5 features supported in Chrome, Firefox, and Safari

What’s great about the career?

This role is often better than the role of individuals in production because their job is specific
to creating great streaming video experiences.

Female hand holding remote in foreground with television monitor in background showing NetFlix Logo