Producer Overview

Black and white image of woman at the computer with screen out of focusWhat does a Producer do?

  • Assigns projects to videographers and video editors.
  • Directs videographers on what to shoot.
  • Produces scripts for video editors
  • Demonstrates the ability to take a media project from a goal to completion
  • Writes news stories for news stations

What companies need Producers?

Producers can find jobs at universities, in government organizations as well as companies like Apple, Microsoft, ESPN, Twitter, NetFlix, Fandango, Amazon Studios, and HULU.

What skills are needed?

To be successful as a producer, you’ll need to be an expert in the following:

  • Demonstrating great organizational skills
  • Having a great understanding of videography, video editing, and graphic creation
  • Taking ideas from concept to creation
  • Working with subject matter experts
  • Understanding various options available when creating media projects

Producer in a control room with a director while he directs a programWhat’s great about the career?

Producers can work in any location. They are always needed in news organizations like CBS News, NBC News, ABC News, CNN, and other organizations. They get to work on very interesting media projects. They do interesting work in organizations like the in the NBA and MLB producing segments for sporting events. Producers are also important at universities producing video segments for sport events, commencements, meetings, and online classes.

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