Director Overview

Person with hand on video switcher directingWhat does a Director do?

  • Directs news programs within professional news organizations
  • Provides instructions to camera operators, audio technicians, floor directors, and technical directors
  • Manages studio crew during recordings for live news, live events, or recorded programs
  • Directs videographers, talent, guests, and production assistants during video shoots
  • Directs crews when shooting movies

What companies need Directors?

Directors can find jobs directing programs for networks such as Bravo, MTV, BET, Amazon
Studios, and HULU.

Colorful clapboardWhat skills are needed?

To be successful as a director you’ll need to be an expert in the following:

  • Understanding all roles required in media productions
  • Having the ability to direct videographers and the production team
  • Understanding director cues in studio productions
  • Being able to talk and communicate to the production team during studio productions
  • Demonstrating how to be vocal and a good communicator during productions
  • Demonstrating assertiveness during productions

What’s great about the career?

You get to control the entire production in this role. There’s a great level of excitement, energy
and adrenaline that you experience as director. You get to work on some exciting projects and
often get a chance to travel to some cool places.

Group of five people on a video shoot while one of them directs