Audio Technician/Engineer

                          Audio Technician /Engineer Overview  

Close-up of mixing board with glowing displaysWhat does an Audio Technician /Engineer do?

  • Works on sound boards, mixing boards, and other audio equipment
  • Manages and adjusts audio on video shoots, events, meetings, and other activities
  • Configures microphones, lavalier mics, and sound equipment for video shoots, and events

What companies need Audio Technician /Engineer?

Audio Technician/Engineers can find jobs at companies like Apple, Microsoft, CBS News, NBC News, ABC News, and CNN.

Professional studio microphone set-up with headphones, mic screen and mixing board and microphoneWhat skills are needed?

To be successful as a Audio Technician/Engineer you’ll need to be an expert in the following:

  • Excelling in all things audio
  • Knowing how to adjust audio on mixer or sounds board
  • Understanding the differences, settings, and features of microphones
  • Knowing how to send audio output to video production equipment
  • Demonstrating the ability to resolve audio issues during recordings, productions, and events

What’s great about the career?

These individuals will always have a job because productions cannot happen without them.

Shot of person mixing audio on a mixing board