CHEM 2510 – Threshold Achievement Test – Introduction

Your course instructor Dr. Ranaweera would like for you to take the Research & Scholarship module of the Threshold Achievement Test for Information Literacy (TATIL). The TATIL is designed to gather data related to students’ progression toward information literacy proficiency. Your completion of this module, which should take around 50 minutes, will count as extra credit for the course. Please consult your syllabus for more detailed information. You must complete this module by 11:59 PM on Friday, September 11. A link to begin the TATIL module is at the end of this page. You will not be able to take this test from a phone; you will need to take it using a desktop computer, laptop, or tablet. You will use your Ohio State email address to log in. For example, if I were logging in, I would enter or FOLK.68@OSU.EDU. If you are not able to access the TATIL, please inform you instructor immediately so you can be added.

After the deadline, your instructor will receive a report about how students in this course performed on this module. This report will not contain individual student results; rather, your instructor will be able to see how the class overall performed on the module to understand some of the opportunities and challenges that students who take this course may face related to research and information literacy.

In addition to using these results for the purposes of teaching improvement, faculty and staff from University Libraries and Writing Across the Curriculum would like to use individual results for the purposes of research and program evaluation. Your instructor participated in a teaching transformation grant program called the Meaningful Inquiry Grant Program, in which they employed equity-based teaching and learning strategies to enhance student success on research-based assignments. The grant team would like to explore whether or not instructor participation in this grant program has positive effects for student learning and success. Before you begin the module, you will be asked to provide consent for participation in this research study. Participation in the research study is voluntary, and the risks and benefits for continued participation are minimal.

What if I don’t want my results to be included in the research study?
That is ok! Simply check the “I do not consent” option. Participation is voluntary, and your decision not to participate will not adversely affect your standing in this course or as a student at The Ohio State University.

What happens if I choose to participate in the research study?
This means that you will select the “I consent” option. At the end of the current academic year, in March or April 2021, a member of the research team will reach out to you via email and ask you to re-take the same TATIL module. If you decide to re-take the TATIL at that time, you will receive $15 on your BuckID account. Your results will be combined with University-held student record data, such as gender, age, ACT/SAT scores, or race/ethnicity, to explore potential benefits to student learning and success based on instructor participation in the Meaningful Inquiry Grant Program. Your participation will be kept confidential, and any unique identifier associated with your data will be removed prior to data analysis. You can always reach out to the research study’s Principal Investigator – Dr. Amanda Folk (614-247-6057 or – with questions. In addition, you can withdraw your consent for participation at any time by contacting Amanda. This research study has been reviewed by The Ohio State University’s Institutional Review Board and has been determined exempt.

Click here to access the TATIL.

REMINDER: To log in, use your Ohio State email address (e.g. or FOLK.68@OSU.EDU), NOT