Columbus To-Do Part 2

Columbus To-Do List: Spring

The Columbus To-Do List was one of my favorite experiences this semester and this year. Last semester, the downtown list helped me get out and away from campus and into the city that we are so close to. I feel like the city is a big part of being an Ohio State student now that I have experienced it for myself. This semester however, I chose to stay close to home and pursue some relaxation points where I can go to get out of the dorm or just to enjoy a book.

The coffee and tea to-do list was a lot of fun, beginning with Mission Coffee off of High Street. As I said in my earlier post, it is a place I see myself going to every so often to enjoy. It may have also been my favorite of the coffee shops I visited. I went to a total of five coffee and tea spots around High street and the Short North, which is refreshing because they are so close. Also, a COTA bus runs up and down High street every 15 minutes, making it even easier to get to and from.

I actually ended up visiting Mission Coffee twice, since it was so close to the other shops on the list. It was very surprising the second time, because it was warmer out and they had opened he front garage door. The first time I visited, I didn’t realize that the front wall was a door that they could raise and lower. After Mission coffee, there was a short walk to Zen tea salon. Zen tea was a little fancier than mission, we had to wait to be seated before we could order anything. Zen may become my go-to to restock tea that I keep in my room. Right around the same area is Impero, a small coffee shop very similar to Mission. Though it was about half the size, it had the same feel as Mission which I really enjoyed. Out of chance, I ran into another ENR scholar who was there unrelated to the Columbus to-do list project. Next, a bit further than the other shops, was the Fox in the Snow Café. This café was located on a street perpendicular to high, about five or ten minutes from the cluster of other shops. The Fox in the Snow was larger, freestanding, and more like a restaurant than the rest. Unfortunately, when I visited, they had just closed. I arrived at 5:08 and they had closed for the day at 5:00. That was a little disappointing, so we chose instead to head to Cup o’ Joe.

This Columbus to do list was really enjoyable. I got an excuse to drink even more caffeine than I normally do, plus the weather could not have been better for the day I did the majority of the shops. I will definitely be going back to these spots next semester. I would also recommend this list to anyone who is a fan of coffee, tea, or a nice study spot.


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