Earth Month Challenge: Week 2

The Second week of the Earth month challenge has come to a conclusion. This week, I cut my usage of the campus bus system, and instead chose to walk around campus anywhere I needed to go. I found this week to not be terribly challenging, which is good to see. This is a good thing because that means that saving energy doesn’t have to be difficult. I did find however, that i should have left my heavier coats in my closet rather than taking them home. I assumed that winter was over, but this week has proven otherwise. For whatever reason, it was extremely cold -even snowing one day. This made walking around campus a little less pleasant, but still doable. Next year I’ll be sure to keep an extra winter coat in my closet, just in case another rouge snowstorm decides to show up.

I learned that saving fuel does not have to be difficult and many minor things can make a difference if everyone participates. Next week, I will be reducing the time and temperature of showers. I expect this week to be a little more difficult than the prior two weeks, mostly because I enjoy a hot shower. I’m not too worried, because I also don’t mind cool showers. I imagine that after the first few days, it will be habitual enough that I will not mind at all. The first few mornings will be a it more difficult. I look forward to adding this new routine to my life in addition to the past two weeks’ challenges.




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