Earth Month Challenge Week 1

The Earth month challenge so far has been a walk in the park. It really is very easy to turn off lights and appliances when they are not in use. I have realized, however, that both lights and appliances are left on far too often. It is better that I am realizing this and turning them off, but they really should have been off when they were no longer being used -not when I notice an hour later. I am certain that this is making an impact on the amount of power I use everyday, and it will no doubt add up as time goes on. Saving energy in this way is very easy. I believe that if everyone did a minor thing, such as turning off light when they leave the room or unplugging the T.V. when no one is using or watching it, the power savings would be substantial.

My next weekly challenge for Earth month is to eliminate my bus usage around campus, and instead walk, bike, or skateboard around to classes or to events. This might seem very minor, but the more weight a bus is carrying, the more fuel it uses. If a larger number of people would be willing to walk instead of bus around campus, the busing system would save a larger amount of fuel. Besides, there really is not a place on campus that is outside of walking or biking distance. I am anticipating that this week will go well, especially considering that spring is finally here and I can enjoy the warm weather.

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