Earth Month Challenge

My area of focus for the Earth month challenge is energy and transportation. I am interested in this particular topic because Morrill tower, at nearly the same time, was advertising a challenge to conserve energy in a competition. There are plenty of things to do to conserve energy so that any person is able to participate.

1.One of the most basic things you can do to preserve energy is to turn off lights and appliance when you leave the room. Most people, I’m sure, are tired of hearing this, but it really is one of the easiest ways to conserve energy.

2. In a similar way, unplugging appliance when you’re done with them will save some power. Plugged in appliance still take energy from the wall when they are not in use.

3. Appliances, also, should be shopped for carefully. Older and outdated appliances are more likely to be inefficient and use more energy. Be sure to buy the most energy efficient models.

4.When washing clothes or dishes, try to use warm or cold water rather than hot. This will use the water heater less -a major contributor to power use.

5.In fact, another way to preserve energy is to directly change temperature settings on your home’s water heater.

6.Carefully heat and cool rooms, overheating and over-cooling rooms when no one is home can become a chronic energy problem if it is not managed

7.Replace or clean air filters in air conditioners regularly to maintain efficiency

8.Replace old light bulbs with new florescent bulbs

9.Insulate your water heater so it will not lose heat hen idling

10. Install low flow shower heads and toilets in your home to reduce water waste

11. Instead of taking the elevator each day, use stairs whenever you’re able, as often as you can

12.Bike or walk instead of driving or taking the bus

13. If you cannot bike or walk, simply use the bus instead of driving your own car

14.consider buying a laptop instead of a desktop, they use less energy

15.Keep the refrigerator and freezer full

ENR scholars is a great resource to ask energy conservation questions to. Also, the President and Provost’s council on sustainability is serving as the main coordination point for conservation efforts of the university. Finally, the Council on the Physical Environment will answer any conservation questions and provide resources.

Many online resources exist that can help anyone conserve energy. I’ve found four websites that provide tips that can help homeowners, business owners, and just about anyone else reduce their impact. These four websites may help anyone looking to save some money and some power: 

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