Columbus to do List

The second semester Columbus to do list is a project I am looking forward to. First semester, I really enjoyed completing the downtown to do list. I saw everything from the Columbus art museum to Dirty Frank’s Hot Dog Emporium.

This semester I am choosing to complete the coffee and tea to do list. This is mostly because of the caffeine dependence that I have built up over the past few months, but also because it is something I enjoy to do in my spare time anyway. I am really looking forward to finding some new spots on High Street to unwind, study, or get a boost for the day. A person can only drink so much Morrill Tower coffee before it gets old. There are ten coffee and tea shops on the to do list, and I don’t think it would be difficult at all for me to visit each one in more than a few days if I was feeling a need to restock the coffee and tea in my room.

One of the shops on the list, Mission coffee, was the first place I was able to visit. I thought to take a bus there but ended up walking instead because the COTA was shut down for a period when I decided to go. The little, blue shop gave off a relaxing vibe and was very friendly inside. It was cheap, easy, and also some of the best chai tea I’ve had in a very long time.

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