Wikileaks v. United States

There have been many discussions about the Wikileaks v. United States court case (ongoing).  The basic outline of the case is as follows: Bradley (now Chelsea) Manning leaked classified military documents and videos to Julian Assange, the man who runs Wikileaks.  Assange released these documents and videos online for the public to see.  Manning has been charged with up to 35 years in prison while Assange has asylum in Ecuador.  The court’s duty in this case is to establish whether or not Wikileaks and Assange violated the Espionage Act of 1917.

I do not personally believe that what occurred was criminal.  Other than showing the public things they might not want to see, this act did not endanger any American lives or harm any ongoing military operations.  I would “no” when asked if anything criminal occurred.

– Thurgood Marshall

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