So You’ve Found Me,

When you search “Skylar McMillan-Gray”, my full name, this is the first thing that shows up. So for anyone wanting to know about me, here it is.

Im a student at The Ohio State University from Houston, Texas and Buffalo, NY.

Im majoring in History with a pre-med track and minoring in German.

I’m going to be a PA or something with emergency medicine.

I have a yellow lab. I love him very much. I also have a hedgehog that probably hates me.

I have a brother that lives in Buffalo, he is one of my favorite people.

I love lobster bisque soup, stuffed animals, and Oxford commas.

At any given day you will find me doing one of five things, and these five things only: Sleeping at odd hours, studying/writing, playing videogames ,at a concert, or hanging out with the same rotation of people. If you want to see me doing the same things over and over again, you can add my snapchat: freud_eggs

Instead of scrolling through a Facebook page, Instagram, or Twitter feed i’ve condensed my life into this page.

And in the words of Porky Pig,

“That’s all folks!”