Supplement to Chinese Poetry in Times of Mind,
Mayhem and Money
: Citations in Chinese

Compiled by Maghiel van Crevel and Wu Jinhua

MCLC Resource Center Publication (Copyright January 2017)

In 2011, in his review of Chinese Poetry in Times of Mind, Mayhem and Money, Christopher Lupke noted:

on the level of structure or mechanics, the book could have been improved in one fundamental way: including all Chinese poems cited in their original as well as translated form … I believe there is a practical solution to this omission … [The MCLC Resource Center] would appear to be a likely venue to host a supplement volume to Van Crevel’s main text that contains all the original Chinese poems cited in his book . . . I already have indicated that this book is a must read for all interested in contemporary Chinese culture. It should be a companion to graduate seminars. The supplement would ensure that.

Shame on me for being slow to respond. I found myself in the middle of a stretch of heavy administrative work that lasted until fall 2016. This taught me a great deal, but it also ate me alive. But shame nevertheless. Even if the supplement weighs in at close to a hundred pages, and there were always a thousand other things that needed doing now during my years on the Dark Side, as I’ve heard it called, I should have done this earlier.

I am immensely grateful to Wu Jinhua 吴锦华 for her generous help. I am also very grateful to the poets, for permission to reproduce their work; and to the MCLC Resource Center, for its willingness to let me in after hours.

On reflection, Jinhua and I decided that in this case, more is more after all, and included the originals of citations from the Chinese-domestic discourse on poetry that is also the object of research throughout the book: Haizi’s apotheosis, the Lower Body manifesto, various authors’ musings and rants on poetry, the Popular-Intellectual Polemic, and so on.

I hope this document will enhance the reader’s engagement with the poets, critics, and scholars in question. The book it supplements can be downloaded for free (click ‘Read’). To read and/or download a copy of the supplement itself, click here.

Maghiel van Crevel
January 1, 2017