Happy Together 春光乍洩 Script:
Cantonese Transcription with English Translation

Directed by Wong Kar-wai 王家衛

Translated by: Sabrina Yu, Nicholas Kaldis, Kin Wing Kevin Chan, and Cecilia Liao
With assistance from: Ashley Yingxue Liu, Ana Ros Matturo, Gerardo Pignatiello[1]

MCLC Resource Center Publication (Copyright February 2024)

Lai Yiu-fai Passport.

Ho Po-wing stares at Iguazú Falls lamp.

 Ho Po Wing: Lai Yiu Fai, let’s start over.
何寶榮: 黎耀輝, 不如我哋由頭再嚟過。

Lai and Ho making love.

Lai Yiu Fai: “Let’s start over,” this phrase is Ho Po Wing’s mantra. I admit that these lines are very lethal. We’ve been together a long time, with the occasional break up, but I don’t know why, whenever that phrase is uttered it’s always brought us back together. Because we wanted to start over, we left Hong Kong. Two people with no destination ended up in Argentina.
黎耀輝: “不如由頭嚟過,” 呢句說話係何寶榮嘅口頭禪。我𠄘認呢句說話對我來講好有殺傷力。我哋喺埋一齊已經好耐。中間亦都有分開過,但係唔知點解次次講呢句說話我都同佢喺返埋一齊。因為想由頭嚟過,離開香港。兩個人行下行下咁就嚟到阿根廷。

Lai Yiu Fai: Where is Iguazú?
黎耀輝:Dónde es Iguazú?

Lai Yiu Fai: You said you knew how to read maps, we went in the wrong direction!
黎耀輝: 你又話識睇地圖,行錯路呀!

Failed road trip.

Ho Po Wing: Just because we went in the wrong direction, are we going to die? If we went in the wrong direction, we’ll just turn around and go back.
何寶榮: 行錯路使唔使死啫?行錯路咪行返轉頭囉!

Lai Yiu Fai: Damn… What kind of car did you buy? Taking the bus is a more reliable choice. Piece of shit won’t even start. You drive!
黎耀輝: 屌…買咩車啫,搭巴士咪好地地囉!個廢柴撻唔著,你嚟揸啦!

Ho Po Wing: A junker’s better than no car at all, neither of us has any money –sitting in a car is better than sitting in a bus for thirty-plus hours.
何寶榮: 有廢柴好過無呀,大家好身家咩而家,有車比你坐好過逼巴士呀,三十幾個鐘。

Lai Yiu Fai: Vacations are like this!!
黎耀輝: 旅行係咁㗎啦。

Ho Po Wing: I don’t think so. Get out and push the car, please.
何寶榮: 我唔係諗住咁㗎。落去推下車啦,唔該。


Lai Yiu Fai: When we arrived in Argentina, we were unfamiliar with the place. One day, Ho Po Wing and I bought a lamp. I thought it was very pretty. We wanted to know where the waterfall on the lamp was; we had to ask a lot of people before we found out it was Iguazú. Our original plan was to see the falls and then go back to Hong Kong, but we wound up getting lost.
黎耀輝:初初嚟到阿根廷, 咩地方都唔識,有日我同何寶榮買咗盞燈。我覺得好靚,我哋好想知道燈罩上嘅瀑布係喺邊度,問咗好多人先知道係伊瓜蘇。本來諗住去完瀑布就返香港,結果蕩失咗路。

Lai Yiu Fai: Hey. Hey, where are you going?
黎耀輝: 喂,喂,你去邊呀?

Lai Yiu Fai: Even now, it’s not clear where we were headed that day. I just remember him saying that being with me was stifling, it would be better if we split up for a while –if we run into each other again, then we can start over. Actually, you could say Ho Po Wing’s “let’s start over” has two meanings.
黎耀輝: 其實到而家仲未搞清楚究竟個日我哋去咗邊度,我淨係記得佢同我講個日同我一齊好悶,不如大家分開下,有機會撞返咪由頭嚟過囉,其實何寶榮嘅 “由頭嚟過” 係可以有兩個意思嘅。

Lai Yiu Fai: It’s not easy to find a job in Argentina. There’s not a lot of Chinese people. After Po Wing and I broke up, I came to Buenos Aires and got a job as a doorman for a tango bar.
黎耀輝: 喺阿根廷做嘢唔係好容易,因為呢度唔係好多中國人,同何寶榮分開之後,我嚟到布宜洛斯艾利斯,喺一間探戈酒吧到做接待。

Lai Yiu Fai: Dammit, move out of the way! Welcome, welcome, please come in, please come in, welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome, welcome, please come in, please come in, welcome, welcome, welcome, please come in, please come in, have a seat inside, have a seat inside!
黎耀辉: 頂你個肺,行開啦!歡迎,歡迎,請進,請進,歡迎,歡迎,歡迎,歡迎,歡迎,請進,請進,歡迎,歡迎,歡迎,請進,請進,裡面坐,裡面坐!

MINUTE 10:40

Lai Yiu Fai: That night I ran into Ho Po Wing again, I didn’t even think about starting over with him. I just wanted to go back to Hong Kong.
黎耀辉: 嗰晚我撞返何寶榮,我無諗過同佢由頭嚟過。我只係想返香港。

A troubled Lai peering through the Bar Sur window at Ho with a John.

Bodega Clerk: Hey! What’s up? Are you watching the game later? Stop by, I’m gonna be here with the guys watching the game.
Bodega Clerk: ¿Cómo andás? ¿Vas a ver el partido después? Veinte después, vamos a estar acá, con los chicos.

Bar Sur Manager: Fai! Telephone!
Bar Sur Manager: Fai! ¡Teléfono!

Lai Yiu Fai: ME?
黎耀辉: ¿YO?

Bar Sur Manager: Yes, for you. You’re constantly getting phone calls!
Bar Sur Manager: Si, para vos. ¡Todo el tiempo hay llamadas para vos!

Lai Yiu Fai: Hola? …Why are you looking for me?
黎耀辉: Hola?…你搵我做咩?

Lai Yiu Fai: How can I take a photo if you keep moving around? Smile! Dammit, forget it.
黎耀辉: 動來動去怎麼拍呀?笑啊!屌,唔拍啦!

A lonely Lai not enjoying his work.

Ho Po Wing: Boo!

Slightly Older man [Ho’s John]: Hey, what took you so long?

Ho Po Wing: Cigarette!

Slightly Older man [Ho’s John]: Taxi!

Ho Po Wing: Where’s the light? Give me the light!

Slightly Older man [Ho’s John]: Relax…

2 Women and Landlord (shouting at once): …[indistinct]…!

Landlord: Fai! Fai, phone call!
Landlord: Fai! Fai, teléfono!

Lai Yiu Fai: Hola? Hello?
黎耀輝: Hola? 喂?

Ho Po Wing: Hello? It’s me. Can you hear me?
何寶榮: 喂?我呀。聽唔聽到呀?

Lai Yiu Fai: How did you get my number?
黎耀輝: 你點會知我電話㗎?

黎耀輝: 開門呀,何寶榮! 開門呀!

Ho Po Wing: What’s up, Lai Yiu Fai?
何寶榮: 點呀,黎耀輝?

Lai Yiu Fai: What’s up, Ho Po Wing?
黎耀輝: 點呀,何寶榮?

Ho Po Wing: Come in…
何寶榮: 入嚟呀…

Lai Yiu Fai: Why would I come in?
黎耀輝: 點解要入嚟呀?

Ho Po Wing: There’s something I need to talk to you about…
何寶榮: 有嘢同你講…

Lai Yiu Fai: You can say it here.
黎耀輝: 有咩喺度講呀。

Ho Po Wing: I have to speak to you about something important, come in!
何寶榮: 有緊要嘢同你講呀,入嚟呀!

Lai Yiu Fai: Then spit it out! WHAT ARE YOU UP TO?
黎耀輝: 有咩快啲講! 做咩啫?

Ho Po Wing: That’s it, nothing else, go. Leave!
何寶榮: 講完啦,無嘢,走啦,走呀!

Lai Yiu Fai: Don’t push me. Push me again, I’ll kick your ass!
黎耀輝: 唔好㧬我呀,㧬我炳你㗎!

Opening salvo of drunken skirmish.

Ho Po Wing: Kick my ass? [shoves his head against the wall]. Go ahead and choke the fuck out of me! Choke the fuck out of me! If you have the balls, choke me to death!
何寶榮: 炳我? 摙撚死我囉,摙撚死我,夠膽摙撚死我。

Lai Yiu Fai: You asshole!
黎耀輝: 仆街仔!

Ho Po Wing: I’m more of an asshole than you?! Huh? “Good evening, good evening, please come in, please come in…” What the fuck, what are you, a hooker?

Lai Yiu Fai: Leave me alone! I’m not like you, with your foreign sugar daddy.
黎耀輝: 你唔好理我啦!我唔似你,有鬼照住。

Ho Po Wing: Fuck you.
何寶榮: 屌你呀。

Lai Yiu Fai: I have nothing! You spent all my money! I want to go back to Hong Kong! How am I going to get back with no money?! I don’t want to do this kind of work either!
黎耀輝: 我乜都冇呀,錢比你洗曬,我仲要返香港呀,冇錢我點返呀?我都唔想做㗎!

Ho Po Wing: Do you regret being with me?
何寶榮: 你有冇後悔同我一齊?

Lai Yiu Fai: Regret it?! –Hell fucking yes I do! Before I met you, I was not one bit regretful. Now, I’m so regretful I could die. Why, what,…are you showing off–acting cocky because you’re better off than me? What the fuck do I care? Why did you even call me here? Why did you call me here?
黎耀輝: 好撚後悔呀我!未見你之前我一啲都唔後悔㗎,而家我好撚後悔呀。點呀,點呀,示威呀? 寸我呀? 話比我聽你撈得掂呀?關我撚事呀?你叫我嚟做咩呀?叫我嚟做咩呀?

Ho Po Wing: I only wanted you to keep me company for a while… I really hoped you would stay with me for a bit…
何寶榮: 我淨係想你陪下我… 我好想你陪下我…

Lai Yiu Fai: Fuck off!
黎耀辉: 死開啦!

Ho Po Wing: For you. Sell it if you don’t like it.
何寶榮: 比你㗎。唔鐘意就賣咗佢啦。

Lai Yiu Fai: FUCK!
黎耀輝: 屌!

Lai Yiu Fai: Now what!?
黎耀辉: 又點呀?

Ho Po Wing: Could you give me back that watch right now?
何寶榮: 可唔可以比返隻錶比我先呀?

Lai Yiu Fai: Let’s sit in the back, it’s darker there.
黎耀輝: 坐喺後面呀,後面冇咁光呀。

Ho Po Wing: What, you’re scared of being seen with me?
何寶榮: 咩啫?我而家唔見得人呀?

Lai Yiu Fai: You think you look presentable?
黎耀輝: 你覺得自己個樣見得人呀?

Ho Po Wing: Oh, so you noticed? I didn’t think you did! You haven’t said a word, so I assumed you couldn’t see anything. So you’ve noticed that I’ve been beaten up.

Lai Yiu Fai: What do you want me to say? It already happened!
黎耀輝: 想我講咩呀?唔打都比人打咗啦!

Ho Po Wing: Bro, we’re friends, you could’ve said something kind. Look at me, a grown man, getting beat up because of you!
何寶榮: 喂,咁大佬,一場朋友呀,你都問侯一句呀係嘛,我咁大個仔比人打都係因為你呀。

Lai Yiu Fai: Don’t say it’s because of me. I’m not the one to blame, I never said I wanted that watch, you brought it to me!
黎耀輝: 唔好話爲咗我呀,唔好賴得就賴,我冇話要隻錶呀,你攞比我㗎咋。

Ho Po Wing: You still pocketed it. You should’ve given it back to me in the first place! If you had given it back, you think I would’ve gotten beat up?
何寶榮: 咁你又袋落袋,你當面比返我呀嘛!當面比返我,我使乜比人打。

Lai Yiu Fai: Oh, so you feel like you didn’t get a proper beating?
黎耀輝: 係咪想比人打多鍋呀?

Lai Yiu Fai: Want me to go back with you?
黎耀輝: 使唔使我陪你返去呀?

Ho Po Wing: Save it! You only know how to bully me!
何寶榮: 慳啲啦你!你淨係識恰我嘅啫。

Ho Po Wing: Where’s your flat? Which way’s your flat?
何寶榮: 你屋企呢?你屋企喺邊呀?

Lai Yiu Fai: Wait for me here.
黎耀輝: 你喺度等我呀。

Lai Yiu Fai: Here’s your watch.
黎耀輝: 比返你。

Ho Po Wing: Hey.
何寶榮: 喂。

Lai Yiu Fai: What now?
黎耀輝: 點呀?

Ho Po Wing: Give me a cigarette. Light?
何寶榮: 比支菸嚟食下!火呢?

Lai gives Ho a light.

MINUTE 19:55

Lai Yiu Fai: Don’t come looking for me ever again.
黎耀輝: 你以後唔好再搵我!

Landlord: Hello, yes. Fai? He left a while ago. Huh? He left a long time ago.
Landlord: Hola, sí, ¿Fai? Él se fue hace rato. ¿Eh? Se fue hace tiempo.

Ho Po Wing: Lai Yiu Fai!

A wounded Ho appears at Lai’s door.

Ho Po Wing: Lai Yiu Fai… What do you say we start over again?
何寶榮: 黎耀輝… 不如我哋由頭嚟過呀?

“Lai Yiu Fai… What do you say we start over again?”

Ho Po Wing: This place is pretty nice. How long have you lived here?
何寶榮: 呢度都幾好呀,住咗幾耐?

Lai Yiu Fai: A few months.
黎耀輝: 幾個月。

Ho Po Wing: How can you live so far away from everything?
何寶榮: 點解住到咁偏嘅?

Lai Yiu Fai: Cheaper.
黎耀輝: 平啲。

Ho Po Wing: That’s true. The ceiling is really high, and I stuck my head out for a look earlier –you have a good view.
何寶榮: 咁又係。樓底幾高,頭先我望出去個景幾靚。

Ho Po Wing: You haven’t thrown away that lamp yet? I thought you threw it out already. Did you ever make it to the falls?
何寶榮: 嗰盞燈你冇抌到呀?以爲你抌咗添。咁你最終有冇去到瀑布呀?

Lai Yiu Fai: I didn’t — you?
黎耀輝: 冇喎。你呢?

Ho Po Wing: I didn’t. I was waiting for you. When I get better, we should go together. How about it?
何寶榮: 冇喎。等埋你吖嘛。等我好返,我哋一齊去好唔好呀?

Ho stares longingly at the Iguazú Falls lamp.

Lai Yiu Fai: We’ll cross that bridge when we get to it. Tonight, you’ll sleep here.
黎耀輝: 到時先算啦!今晚你瞓呢度。

Ho Po Wing: What about you?
何寶榮: 咁你呢?

Lai comes across the injured Ho’s passport.

Lai Yiu Fai: I’ll sleep on the couch.
黎耀輝: 我瞓梳化。

Lai watches injured Ho sleep.

Injured Ho watches Lai sleep.

 Lai Yiu Fai: Welcome, welcome! Please come in, Please come in! Welcome, welcome! Please come in, Please come in! Very nice, very nice, one more shot! A little closer, one, two, three, SMILE!
黎耀輝: 歡迎,歡迎,裡面,裡面[坐]。歡迎,歡迎,裡面,裡面[坐]。很好,很好,再來一張,一,二,三,笑!

Lai enjoying his work.

Woman in kitchen: Hey you, you… You do nothing but eat. Stop being a nuisance and scram!
Woman in kitchen: Ay che, vos siempre comiendo! A ver si te dejas de jorobar eh? Arriba, abajo.

Women in kitchen: …[Yelling at Fai, unintelligible]…!
 Women in kitchen: …[Yelling at Fai, unintelligible]…!

Lai Yiu Fai: Hey, Ho Po Wing, it’s time to eat. It’s time to eat, get up.
黎耀輝: 喂,何寶榮,食飯啦。食飯啦,起身啦!

Ho Po Wing: Hey, give me some chicken.
何寶榮: 喂,比舊雞嚟嘆下。

Ho Po Wing: Am I that filthy?
何寶榮: 我係咪好多老泥呀?

Lai Yiu Fai: The doctor said you can’t shower. How come you have so many bites?
黎耀輝: 醫生話唔沖得涼呀嘛。咁多爛嘅你?

Ho Po Wing: Bro, have you seen how many fleas there are in your bed?
何寶榮: 大哥,你張牀幾多蚤先得㗎!

Lai Yiu Fai: ’Cause it’s raining, that’s what happens when it rains.
黎耀輝: 落雨呀嘛,一落雨就係咁㗎啦。

Ho Po Wing: When the weather is nicer, dry the sheets and blankets in the sun, you want a fella to get bitten to death?
何寶榮: 咁好天嗰陣曬下啲牀單同被袋啦,想咬死人咩?

Lai Yiu Fai: Lift your arm.
黎耀輝: 舉高手。

Ho Po Wing: Hey, hey, that hurts! Bro, that’s skin!
何寶榮: 喂,喂,痛呀!大佬呀,肉嚟㗎!

Lai Yiu Fai: Like you said, there’s dirt on you.
黎耀輝: 又話有老泥。

Ho Po Wing: You’re scrubbing too high!
何寶榮: 咁都唔係隊咁高呀嘛!

Ho Po Wing: Spray over there too. Don’t forget where you sleep, spray there too.
何寶榮: 噴埋嗰邊呀。自己瞓嗰度,噴埋佢啦。

Lai Yiu Fai: What going on?
黎耀輝: 做咩呀?

Ho Po Wing: No cigarettes?
何寶榮: 有冇煙呀?

Lai Yiu Fai: There’s still some over there.
黎耀輝: 嗰度仲有。

Ho Po Wing: There’s no fucking more.
何寶榮: 冇撚曬啦。

Lai Yiu Fai: I’ll go down and buy some for you.
黎耀輝: 我落去幫你買。

Ho Po Wing: You don’t need to, go back to sleep.
何寶榮: 唔使啦,瞓啦。

Lai Yiu Fai: Chris! Give me two Le mans. Thank you.
Lai Yiu Fai: Chris! Dame dos Le mans.

Chris: No problem.
Chris: No problemo.

Lai Yiu Fai: Thank you.
Lai Yiu Fai: Gracias.

Chris: Bye.
Chris: Chau.

MINUTE 30:00

Lai Yiu Fai: Hey! What do you think you’re doing!? You have your own bed to sleep in, why are you cramming yourself into mine?
黎耀輝: 喂,做咩有牀唔瞓逼過嚟啫?

Sharing a bed negotiation.

Ho Po Wing: I like it this way.
何寶榮: 我鍾意呀。

Lai Yiu Fai: You don’t think two people on one sofa is too cramped?
黎耀輝: 你唔覺得兩個人瞓一張梳化好逼咩?

Ho Po Wing: No, I don’t. I think it’s pretty comfortable.
何寶榮: 唔覺呀,都幾舒服呀。

Lai Yiu Fai: HEY! Why’d you bite me?
黎耀輝: 唉呀,做咩咬我啫?

Ho Po Wing: ‘Cause I’m hungry.
何寶榮: 我餓呀。

Lai Yiu Fai: Do you want to sleep on the sofa?
黎耀輝: 你係咪要瞓梳化呀?

Ho Po Wing: What do you mean?
何寶榮: 咩啫?

Lai Yiu Fai: I’ll sleep on the bed then.
黎耀輝: 咁我瞓牀㗎啦喎。

Ho Po Wing: Don’t talk so much, just go back to sleep.
何寶榮: 唔好搞咁多嘢啦,瞓覺啦。

Lai Yiu Fai: I will, if you sleep on the bed and I sleep on the sofa.
黎耀輝: 再唔係你瞓牀我瞓梳化啦。

Ho Po Wing: Stop nagging like a little bitch, will you? Hey!
何寶榮: 唔好好似個八婆咁好唔好呀你?喂!

Lai Yiu Fai: Okay, I’ll go sleep on the bed then.
黎耀輝: OK, 我瞓牀。

Ho Po Wing: Why are you so heartless?
何寶榮: 你係咪咁冇人情味先?

Lai Yiu Fai: Like I said, it’s too cramped.
黎耀輝: 都話好逼咯。

Ho Po Wing: No it’s not. I can sleep on top of you so it won’t be cramped –just like this, we can sleep together.
何寶榮: 咩逼啫?我瞓喺你上面咁咪唔逼囉,就咁樣一齊瞓啦。

Lai Yiu Fai: Fuck! So, are you gonna sleep on the bed or not!?
黎耀輝: 妖,喂,你係咪瞓牀呀?

Ho Po Wing: Are you really going to treat me like this? Hey! What do you think you’re doing: Let’s just sleep like this, okay?
何寶榮: 你係咪咁對我先?喂,做咩啫?就咁瞓啦,好唔好呀?

Lai Yiu Fai: Okay, okay, okay. Go to sleep.
黎耀輝: 好,好,好。瞓啦。

Ho Po Wing: Right, right, of course. Sure, don’t move. Let’s sleep like this!
何寶榮: 係,係,係。就咁啦,唔好郁。我哋就咁瞓啦!

Lai Yiu Fai: You better stop bothering me.
黎耀輝: 你唔好搞我呀。

Ho Po Wing: Why would I bother you? You better not bother me! Kiss me and go to sleep! Don’t touch my hand! It hurts!
何寶榮: 邊個搞你啫?你唔好搞我呀!嘴啖瞓覺!唔好搞我隻手,痛呀!

Lai Yiu Fai: Jeff! Jeff! A mozzarella.
Lai Yiu Fai: Jeff! Jeff! Una mozarella.

Jeff: Neapolitana?
Jeff: Neopolitana?

Lai Yiu Fai: Mozzarella.
Lai Yiu Fai: Mozzarella.

Jeff: Neapolitana?
Jeff: Neopolitana?

Lai Yiu Fai: No. Mozzarella.
Lai Yiu Fai: No. Mozzarella.

Jeff: Mozzarella?
Jeff: Mozzarella?

Lai Yiu Fai: Hurry up! Calito!
Lai Yiu Fai: Apurate! Calito!

Worker: If you don’t introduce me to a Chinese chick tonight, there’s no way you’re taking this pizza dude. No chance.
Worker: Si esta noche no me presentá’ una china, esta pizza no te la llevá’, papá, de acá.

Lai Yiu Fai: Sure. Give it to me.
Lai Yiu Fai: Sí. Dame. Chau, que te vaya bien.

Worker: But a Chinese girl with big tits, man!
Worker: Pero una china que tenga las tetas bien grandes, papa!

Ho Po Wing: Can you tell there’s something different?
何寶榮: 你覺唔覺得有咩唔同呀?

Lai Yiu Fai: I’m warning you. Don’t mess with anything again.
黎耀輝: 我真係警告你,唔好再搞嘢。

Lai Yiu Fai: Yo, I can’t take it anymore!
黎耀輝: 喂,頂唔順呀!

Ho Po Wing: Can’t take what anymore? Walk around a bit, you’re holed up inside all day!
何寶榮: 咩頂唔順啫,行下啦,成日韞係嗰度!

Lai Yiu Fai: Let’s go back, it’s so cold! We can walk another day!
黎耀輝: 返去先啦,好凍呀!第日再行啦!

Ho Po Wing: Cold? You’re crazy, walk! Wait, you’re right, it is really cold, let’s head back.
何寶榮: 凍咩啫?黐線㗎,行下啦! 不過又真係幾凍下,返去啦。

黎耀輝: 咁點啊?

Ho Po Wing: Ok, let’s go back, let’s go back.
何寶榮: 唉,返去啦,返去啦,返去啦。

Lai Yiu Fai: FUCK!
黎耀輝: 妖!

Ho Po Wing: Lai Yiu Fai?
何寶榮: 喂,黎耀輝。

Lai Yiu Fai: Yeah?
黎耀輝: 嗯?

Ho Po Wing: How are you doing?
何寶榮: 你點呀?

Lai Yiu Fai: I feel horrendous.
黎耀輝: 好辛苦呀。

Ho Po Wing: Wow, you’re really burning up.
何寶榮: 嘩!真係好㷫呀。

Lai Yiu Fai: Of course I am. What kind of games were you playing with me? It’s freezing cold –going out for morning ​exercise just ’cause you’re not asleep, when it’s so fucking cold!
黎耀輝: 梗係㷫啦,你話你係咪玩我呀?天寒地凍有覺唔瞓走去行晨運,幾凍呀!

Ho Po Wing: How was I supposed to know you’re so feeble that you walk two steps and take ill? Are you too sick to get up?
何寶榮: 我點知你咁孱仔先得㗎,行兩步你就病。點呀,起唔起到身呀?

Lai Yiu Fai: Why does it matter if I can get up?
黎耀輝: 起唔起到身咁又點呀?

Ho Po Wing: To cook. I’m really hungry! I haven’t eaten anything for two days! I’m about to starve to death!
何寶榮: 煮飯囉,我好肚餓呀,我兩日冇食嘢啦。餓死啦就嚟。

Lai Yiu Fai: Are you even human!? Think what you’re asking: I’m this sick and you still want me to cook for you?!

Ho Po Wing: [cheering on his horse] Jackpot! Where’s the ticket? Where’s the ticket? Where’s the ticket? I’ll go get our winnings.
何寶榮: 發達啦今鋪,我啲飛呢?飛呢?飛呢?我去收錢。

Worker: Thank you. Coffee!
Worker: Gracias. Café!

Ho Po Wing: This step, you always forget the second step, practice by yourself first. You always forget the last step. Cross your feet and go that way, why are you going in this direction?
何寶榮: 呢步呀嘛,第二步成日都唔記得,你自己練下先啦,成日都唔記得上一步。交叉,轉,嗰邊,你嚟呢邊做咩啫?

Lai Yiu Fai: I got it. Come here. I got it.
黎耀輝: 得啦。過嚟。我得啦。

Ho Po Wing: Are you sure? Ok, try it over here. One… Two… Three… Four… Five….
何寶榮: 係咪㗎?好呀,喺度試呀。1…2…3…4…5…

“When Ho Po Wing was injured, those were my happiest days with him.”

Slightly Older man [Ho’s former John, who beat him]: Hurry, Come on, let’s go! Come on, hurry up! Come, come, come!!
Slightly Older man [Ho’s former John, who beat him]: Vamos, dale. ¡Vamos! ¡Vamos! ¡Vení, vení, vení!

Younger man from inside the cab: I want to go home…!
Younger man from inside the cab: ¡Quiero ir a casa…!

Slightly Older man [Ho’s former John, who beat him]: Come on, let’s go. Come on ! We’re gonna have a good time.
Slightly Older man [Ho’s former John, who beat him]: Dale vamos, va, va, va, va… Dale que la vamo’ a pasar lindo! …..

[sound of bottle smashing and man screaming in pain from inside bar]

Ho Po Wing: Hello!
何寶榮: Hola!

Ho Po Wing: Hey! What a coincidence!
何寶榮: 喂!咁啱呀!

Lai Yiu Fai: You came out?
黎耀輝: 出街嚟呀?

Ho Po Wing: I was waiting for you to get off work, silly! Hey, why didn’t you tell me?
何寶榮: 等你放工呀傻佬,喂,做咩唔通知聲?

Lai Yiu Fai: Tell you what?
黎耀輝: 通知聲咩呀?

Ho Po Wing: I called you at work and they said you don’t work there anymore. Why didn’t you say anything?
何寶榮: 打電話去你舊公司,話你冇做啦。咁都唔單聲?

Lai Yiu Fai: I’m not working there anymore, what’s there to say?
黎耀輝: 唔撈啦,有乜好講啫?

Ho Po Wing: Hey, did you beat him up bad?
何寶榮: 喂,你係咪丙到佢好甘啫?

Lai Yiu Fai: I’m not talking about it!
黎耀輝: 唔講啦!

Ho Po Wing: Tell me! If you don’t tell me, I won’t be able to sleep!
何寶榮: 講啦,你唔講我瞓唔着覺㗎!

Lai Yiu Fai: If you can’t sleep, then go out for a walk, since you like going out so much!
黎耀輝: 瞓唔着覺你咪出街行下囉,橫掂你咁鍾意出街!

Ho Po Wing: If I can’t sleep, then you can’t sleep! Right?!
何寶榮: 咁我瞓唔着覺你都瞓唔着覺㗎大佬!係咪先?

Lai Yiu Fai: Why would I be unable to sleep if you’re taking a walk? Ridiculous!
黎耀輝: 你出咗街我點會瞓唔着呀?點會啫。

Ho Po Wing: Not possible, now tell me!
何寶榮: 嚟啦,講嚟聽下啦!

Lai Yiu Fai: I won’t!
黎耀輝: 唔講呀!

Ho Po Wing: Tell me!!
何寶榮: 講啦!

Lai Yiu Fai: I won’t tell you! You’re so annoying!
黎耀輝: 唔講呀!好煩呀你!

Worker: Hey, Fai! We’re out of coffee cups! Hurry!
Worker: 阿輝!冇晒咖啡杯啦!快啲!

Lai Yiu Fai: Okay!
黎耀輝: 哦!

Lai Yiu Fai: Noodles!
黎耀輝: 麵呀!

Worker: Okay, let me make two more cups of coffee first.
Worker: 好嘅,搞埋兩杯咖啡俾你呀。

Zhang Wan: You can tell it’s a kitchen just by the noise. If you listen closely, you can tell who’s stirring up arguments and who’s stir-frying vegetables. Someone’s talking on the phone, someone’s washing dishes.
張宛: 單憑聲音你就知道呢個係廚房。如果你聽得仔一點,你就可以分得出來那些人在吵架,那些人在炒菜, 有人在講電話,有人在洗碗。

MINUTE 40:00

First shot of Zhang Wan (Little Chang), “seeing” with his ears.

Lai Yiu Fai: I said, what are you doing? Have you eaten yet? I said, have you eaten yet? Then I’ll bring some take-out back for you. What do you want? Don’t joke around, what do you want to eat?
黎耀輝: 問你做緊啲乜嘢呀?食咗嘢未呀?我問你食咗嘢未呀?打包返嚟俾你食囉, 想食啲咩呀?咪玩啦!想食啲乜嘢呀?

Ho Po Wing: I’ll eat whatever you buy. Ok then, chau!
何寶榮: 你買咩我咪食咩囉。係咁啦,chau !

Zhang Wan: This guy really likes to talk on the phone. His voice is quite cheerful. He must be talking to someone he really likes.
張宛: 這個人喜歡講電話, 聽的出來他語氣很愉快, 對方一定是他喜歡的人。

Lai Yiu Fai: You still haven’t left? Everyone else has already gone! Finish cleaning up tomorrow!

Zhang Wan: Huh?

Lai Yiu Fai: I said, all the others already clocked out, just clean it tomorrow!

Zhang Wan: I don’t have anywhere else to go anyways, might as well finish this first.

Lai Yiu Fai: I thought you were here on vacation?

Zhang Wan: Already spent all my money, gotta earn some more first.

Lai Yiu Fai: Do you want to eat?

Zhang Wan: No thanks.

Lai Yiu Fai: It’s free, though!

Zhang Wan: Okay, okay, okay!

Lai Yiu Fai: How is it?

Zhang Wan: …..Delicious!

Lai Yiu Fai: Enjoy, I’m outta here, see you!

Worker: Fai, wanna play mahjong?

Lai Yiu Fai: Don’t drag me in, you guys amuse yourselves! [to Zhang Wan:] Was your salary short?
黎耀輝:唔好搞我,你哋自己玩啦! 唔啱數呀?

Zhang Wan: No, I’m just trying to figure out how much longer I have to stick around. Everything here’s so expensive. What’s the map for — you thinking of going somewhere?

Lai Yiu Fai: I want to go see that waterfall!

Zhang Wan: That’s a really fun trip!

Lai Yiu Fai: You’ve been there?

Zhang Wan: Nope.

Lai Yiu Fai: You haven’t been there but you say it’s fun?

Zhang Wan: It’s fun because I’ve never been! You going alone?

Lai Yiu Fai: With a friend.

Zhang Wan: I’m jealous! Who knows how long I’ll be stuck here.
張宛:好羨慕你啊! 我都不知道在這邊呆多久。

Lai Yiu Fai: Where are you thinking of going?

Zhang Wan: Not sure, but as far as I can get!

Lai Yiu Fai: Your family doesn’t worry about you?

Zhang Wan: I came here by myself. They don’t even know where I am.

Lai Yiu Fai: Are you thinking of going back?

Zhang Wan: I left because I’m unhappy. Going back before figuring things out would be pointless. Gotta stop jabbering, have fun!

Lai Yiu Fai: I really can’t, today we’re crazy busy. What about tomorrow? Wednesday is even better, we can see it for half price. How can I take the day off!?
黎耀輝:我真係唔得呀,今日好旺呀, 聽日先啦。星期三咪仲好,睇戲平一半 ,我依家點請假呀?

Worker: Fai, quick –bring me three eggs!

Lai Yiu Fai: Okay, hang on a second.

Zhang Wan: Hello? …It’s for you.
張宛: 喂,找你的。

Lai Yiu Fai: Hello? It was my coworker. We’ll talk when I get home. Ok, I’m busy, bye bye.
黎耀輝:喂, 我同事嚟。返嚟先同你講啦。係咁,我做嘢先啦,拜拜。

Manager: We’re busy as hell and you still have time for phone calls!

Ho Po Wing: What the hell’s up with you? –waking me up at dawn?!
何寶榮: 做咩呀你?晨早流流整醒人。

Lai Yiu Fai: Why were you rifling through my stuff?

Ho Po Wing: Why would I rifle through your stuff? Have you gone crazy? Why would I rifle through your stuff?

Lai Yiu Fai: If you haven’t been going through my stuff, then why is my drawer so messy?

Ho Po Wing: Hey! look at my hands, with hands like this, how would I go through your stuff? With my mouth!!?
何寶榮:喂,你睇吓我隻手先得㗎, 我隻手咁樣搵啲咩摷你呀?搵口摷呀?

Lai Yiu Fai: You mess with my things again, I’ll cripple your legs too!

Ho Po Wing: Fine! If you have the balls, then cripple me! Since I don’t have hands, then I might as well lose my legs too! Psycho! Me rifling through your drawers, what bullshit! For what?
何寶榮:你拗呀,夠膽你就拗呀!我已經冇咗兩隻手啦,唔爭在冇埋兩隻腳啦! 黐線㗎!我摷你個櫃做咩呀?

Lai Yiu Fai: If you rifle through my things again, then you’re outta here!

Ho Po Wing: WHATEVER YOU SAY! If you’re ordering me out, then come on: put on my pants and put on my shoes, and I’m gone! Let’s go!

Lai Yiu Fai: You’re really willing to leave? You got the balls to leave? Go sleep in the street!
黎耀輝: 你捨得躝?你夠膽躝?你瞓街口啦!

Ho Po Wing: I’d prefer to sleep in the street. Don’t start having second thoughts now! Nut case…

Ho Po Wing: Did he hit on you, or you on him? Huh?
何寶榮: 佢溝你定你溝佢呀?有冇咩呀?

Lai Yiu Fai: What?
黎耀辉: 咩呀?

Ho Po Wing: You know what I’m talking about.
何寶榮: 你知我講咩㗎。

Lai Yiu Fai: What?
黎耀辉: 咩呀?

Ho Po Wing: What.
何寶榮: 咩呀?

Lai Yiu Fai: What ‘what’? As if you care? You’ve never slept with someone else?
黎耀辉: 咩咩啫,你理得我啫!你冇同人瞓過咩?

Ho Po Wing: Now you’re being silly. In the future, you don’t ask me and I won’t ask you.
何寶榮: 喺度扮傻呀。咁以後你唔好問我,我亦都唔會問你。

Ho Po Wing: Hey…
何寶榮: 喂 …

Lai Yiu Fai: You’d best not try to come over here again! I’ll kick your ass!
黎耀辉: 你唔好過嚟呀!打你㗎!

Ho Po Wing: Okay, okay, okay, okay!
何寶榮: 得,得,得,得!

Lai Yiu Fai: Get back over there and go to sleep!
黎耀辉: 返過去瞓!

Ho Po Wing: Okay, okay, okay, okay! Aren’t we the touchy one! Jeez, but seriously, I’m just asking one small question, if you’ve got nothing to hide, then you’d tell me! So pissy!
何寶榮: 得,得,得,得!嘩!咁躁嘅呢倫。喂,問少少嘢啫,如果唔係身有屎,點解唔講俾我聽呀!咁躁嘅真係!

Lai Yiu Fai: Get up!
黎耀辉: 起身!

Ho Po Wing: Why? What’s up?
何寶榮: 做咩呀,做咩啫?

Lai Yiu Fai: Wake up!
黎耀辉: 唔好瞓!

Ho Po Wing: But you told me to sleep!
何寶榮: 又話要人瞓,做咩呀!

Lai Yiu Fai: You like pestering me with questions? So interested in knowing my business, then I want to know who you’ve slept with too.
黎耀辉: 你咁鍾意問嘢呀嘛?咁有興趣想知道我啲嘢呀嘛, 我而家想知道你同邊個瞓過呀。

Ho Po Wing: Hey, I seem to recall that I asked you if you slept with him. Why are you asking me?
何寶榮: 喂,好似係我問你同佢有冇瞓過,你做咩問我啫?

Lai Yiu Fai: Because you like to bother me, that’s why.
黎耀辉: 你鍾意煩我呀嘛。

Ho Po Wing: What would be the point of asking you?
何寶榮: 我做咩要問你啫?

Lai Yiu Fai: Well right now, I want to know who you’ve slept with?
黎耀辉: 而家我想知道你同邊個瞓過呀?

Ho Po Wing: You really want to know?
何寶榮: 你真係想知?

Lai Yiu Fai: Out with it.
黎耀辉: 講呀。

Ho Po Wing: Listen, it’s already 3:30 in the morning. I’ve had more boyfriends than stars in the sky. If I start listing them now, I won’t be done by 9:30 when you have go to work.
何寶榮: 喂,而家三點半,我啲男朋友多過天上面啲星星,我驚講到九點半你返工我都未講完。

Lai Yiu Fai: No problem, I can’t sleep anyway, so start talking –take your time.
黎耀辉: 冇乜所謂,我依家都瞓唔着,你講啦,你慢慢講啦。

Ho Po Wing: So what if I don’t feel like talking?
何寶榮: 我唔鍾意講呀,吹呀?

Lai Yiu Fai: Die! Die bitch!
黎耀辉: 死! 死無賴!

Ho Po Wing: Hey, hey, hey! Alright already! Alright!
何寶榮: 喂,喂,喂!好啦喎!好啦喎!

Lai Yiu Fai: Fuck off!
黎耀辉: 走開啦!

Ho Po Wing: Hey, you really mean that?
何寶榮: 嗱,你係咪講真嘅先?

Lai Yiu Fai: You think I have the time to kid around with you?
黎耀辉: 我得閒同你講笑呀?

Ho Po Wing: Okay, stop pushing me around, I can leave on my own.
何寶榮: 好,唔好㧬我唔好㧬我,我自己識走。

Lai Yiu Fai: Then leave on your own!
黎耀辉: 咁你自己走呀!

Ho Po Wing: I’ll leave on my own! You keep bruising me up knowing I’m already handicapped from the beating…
何寶榮: 我會自己走!打到我瘀晒,明知我傷,打到我殘廢啦…

Lai Yiu Fai: Leave!! I haven’t slept all night. Freeze to death, fucker.
黎耀辉: 走呀!我成晚冇瞓過。凍Q死你。

Ho Po Wing: Hey, so how many times? Say it!
何寶榮: 喂,幾次呀?吓?講啦!

Lai Yiu Fai: How many times what?
黎耀辉: 咩幾次啫?

Ho Po Wing: How many times did you do him? Since you did it, don’t be afraid to fess up!
何寶榮: 你同佢Do咗幾多次? 做得出就唔怕認啦!

Lai Yiu Fai: Lots of times. Satisfied?
黎耀辉: 好多次呀,滿意未呀?

Ho Po Wing: And who else? What about the doorman downstairs?
何寶榮: 仲有邊個呀?樓下看更有冇呀?

Lai Yiu Fai: I’m not you.
黎耀辉: 我唔係你呀。

Ho Po Wing: Hey.
何寶榮: 喂。

Lai trying to seal over the cracks.

 Ho Po Wing: How much longer is this going to take?

Lai Yiu Fai: I’m Fai. Is Po-Wing there? Thanks. Bye.
Lai Yiu Fai: Soy Fai. ¿Está ahí Po-Wing? Gracias. Chau.

Ho Po Wing: So dark and you still don’t turn on the lights.

MINUTE 50:50

Lai Yiu Fai: Where’ve you been?
黎耀辉: 去邊嚟呀?

Ho Po Wing: To buy cigarettes.

Lai Yiu Fai: Buying cigarettes in such pretty clothes?

Ho Po Wing: I never go out, so I might as well use the chance to wear something nice.

Ho Po Wing: What are all the cigarettes for?

Lai Yiu Fai: I got them on my way home. Saves you the trouble of going out alone at night to buy cigarettes.

Digital clock semaphore: “Two” men in a “bitchy” (三八) spat.

Lai Yiu Fai: Where’ve you been?

Ho Po Wing: I had nothing to do, so I went for a walk. I brought you a midnight snack –do you want it?

Lai Yiu Fai: Are you feeling bored?

Ho Po Wing: Are you looking to start an argument (for no reason)? I can’t even go for a walk?

Lai Yiu Fai: Of course. You always do as you please.

Ho Po Wing: So are you sleeping on this side tonight? If you sleep here, I’m sleeping on that side.

Lai Yiu Fai: No matter. How was I supposed to know you were coming back here to sleep tonight?

Ho Po Wing: Enjoy your midnight snack!!!

Person 1: Get it [the ball]!

Person 2: Hey, hey, hey!

Person 3: Ball! Ball! Ball!

Person 4: Kick it here!

Person 5: Hey, fuck!

Person 6: Don’t hit me, don’t hit me!

Person 7: Don’t fight!

Person 8: Forget it, we can play another day, play another day.

Lai Yiu Fai: There’s something I never told Ho Po Wing… I actually didn’t want him to get better that quickly. When he was injured, those were my happiest days with him.

A menacing Lai.

Landlord: Ma’am, you have to pay your debt now!
Landlord: ¡Señora, a ver si me paga de una vez la plata que me debe…!

Woman: What do you want? Can’t you see I’m cooking? Why don’t you stop pestering me already!?
Woman: ¿Que quiere? No ve que estoy cocinando. Porque no me deja de hinchar las pelotas. No tiene mejor momento!?

Landlord: I don’t give a damn! You still gotta pay the rent.
Landlord: A mi que me importa, igual me tiene que pagar la plata que me debe.

Woman: I can’t pay you anything right now! I’m sick of you! I can’t take this anymore!
Woman: ¡Ahora no puedo! ¡Ya me tiene podrida! ¡No lo aguanto más!

Landlord: You still have to pay me!
Landlord: ¡Me tiene que pagar!

Woman: I told you I can’t pay you now. I won’t pay you and that’s that!
Woman: ¡ Ahora no puedo. No le voy a pagar un carajo y se acabó!

Ho Po Wing: You took my passport, where is it?

Lai Yiu Fai: I didn’t.

Ho Po Wing: You didn’t? How come I can’t find it?

Lai Yiu Fai: How am I supposed to know?

Ho Po Wing: Will you give my passport back to me?

Lai Yiu Fai: What are you looking for your passport for?

Ho Po Wing: It’s none of your concern.

Lai Yiu Fai: I’m not giving it back to you.

Lai enjoying a moment of Schadenfreude.

Lai Yiu Fai: What are you looking for?

Ho Po Wing: You know what I’m looking for. You better get it and return it!

Lai Yiu Fai: How many times do you want me to say it? I’m not giving it back to you. Go ahead and hit me! Hit me! Hit me! Hit me! Hit me!

Lai provokes Ho to violence.

Ho Po Wing: Fuck!

Lai in a depressive cycle.

Zhang Wan: How come you’re not playing mahjong today?

Lai Yiu Fai: I don’t feel like playing, so I’m not playing.

MINUTE 1:02:05

Zhang Wan: Wanna go have a drink?

Zhang Wan: Aw, you’re not puking?! Come on, I’ll help you walk. Which way?

Person 1: It’s coming, it’s coming, it’s coming!

Person 2: Are you kidding me? How can we play if you run like that?

Person 3: Stop scuffling! Don’t fight!

Person 4: Here, here!

Woman: Hi! come and see a movie with me!
女:Hi! 陪我去看电影!

Zhang Wan: I don’t watch movies. Watching movies gives me a headache.

Woman: Nutjob!

Zhang Wan: That’s right, I am a nutjob. Actually, she’s pretty sexy.

Lai Yiu Fai: So how come you’re not going to see a movie with her?

Zhang Wan: I don’t like her voice, I prefer a woman with…with one of those deep voices, but it’s not a dealbreaker; anyways, after you hear it, your heart skips a beat– that kind. What about you? What kind of voice do you like in a girl?
張宛:我不喜歡她的聲音 ,我喜歡女人的聲音呢,很低沈的那一種,也不一定啦,反正聽了以後心跳會很快很快那一種. 你呢?你喜歡女孩子什麼聲音呀?

Lai Yiu Fai: Doesn’t matter. As long as I like it/them.

Lai Yiu Fai: Hey! If you’re that tired, go home and sleep!

Zhang Wan: I’m not, I’m listening to those two guys talking over there.

Lai Yiu Fai: You can hear them from over here!?

Zhang Wan: Sort of, I can’t understand what they’re saying, but in a second they’re gonna go at it.

Lai Yiu Fai: Your ears are pretty impressive.

Zhang Wan: It’s a habit. When I was little, I got an eye disease and couldn’t see. I got used to paying attention with my ears. After lots of money was spent, my eyes were finally cured, but I never shook the habit. Sometimes, I feel like ears are more important than eyes. For a lot of things, it’s better to use your ears to hear than to use your eyes to see. Like, when somebody’s really unhappy, they might pretend to be happy, but their voice doesn’t lie. Listen carefully, and you’ll know!

Lai Yiu Fai: Is that right?

Zhang Wan: Take your voice for instance! You sound very unhappy right now.

Lai Yiu Fai: What are the two people behind you talking about?

Zhang Wan: Let me try.

Chorus of voices: GOAL!
Chorus of voices: GOAL!

Person 2: Hey, always gambling!

Zhang Wan: Three dollars! Three dollars!
張宛:三塊! 三塊!

Lai Yiu Fai: Hey, Xiao Zhang! Here! How much did we take in?

Zhang Wan: Ehh.. five dollars. Two for you…
張宛: …五塊. 你…兩塊。

Lai Yiu Fai: Why do I get two dollars and you get three?

Forging a new friendship.

Zhang Wan: Okay, then you get the three dollars.

Lai Yiu Fai: Even with a whole group of people playing together, I felt Xiao Zhang’s voice was the loudest. Actually, it got really hot playing soccer in that small alley. I don’t know why, but this summer has passed by very quickly.

Zhang Wan: Come on, come on, come on, bottoms up! Thanks for looking out for me, bro!
張宛:來來來乾一杯! 謝謝你照顧我!

Lai Yiu Fai: You saved up enough money?

Zhang Wan: Yep!

Lai Yiu Fai: Congratulations. Where are you going next?

Zhang Wan: Going south! To a place called ‘Ushuaia.’
張宛:往南走!去一個叫的 Ushuaia地方。

Lai Yiu Fai: It’s freezing there, what are you going there for?

Zhang Wan: I heard it’s the end of the world, so I want to have a look. Have you been there?

Lai Yiu Fai: I heard there’s lighthouses there. Lots of heartbroken people go there –You can leave your unhappiness there.

Zhang Wan: Do people still do that these days?

Lai Yiu Fai: Don’t know. Must be, right?

Zhang Wan: Say a few things.

Lai Yiu Fai: What should I say?

Zhang Wan: You’re my only friend here! Leave me a memory! I don’t like taking photos.

Lai Yiu Fai: I don’t know what to say.

Zhang Wan: Anything! You can say whatever, as long as it’s from the heart! You can even say unhappy things! I can leave it all at the end of the world for you!

Lai Yiu Fai: I’m not unhappy about anything.

Seeing off a close friend 1.

Zhang Wan: Then say something happy! Okay, okay, say it by yourself, I’ll go have some fun [dance]!
張宛:那就講開心的 ,好了,你自己講,我去玩!

Zhang Wan: You’re good, right? Do you want me to walk back with you?
張宛:你還好吧? 要不要送你上去啊?

MINUTE 1:10:15

Lai Yiu Fai: I got it.

Zhang Wan: Sure you’re okay?

Lai Yiu Fai: [Yeah,] You can take off.

Zhang Wan: I’m going, then. Take care of yourself. I hope I get a chance to see you again.
張宛:那我走了。你自己照顧你自己. 希望有機會可以再見到你。

Seeing off a close friend 2.

Lai Yiu Fai: Close your eyes.

Zhang Wan: What for?

Lai Yiu Fai: Just close your eyes for a second. Do you know who you look like?
黎耀輝:瞇埋眼先啦。 你知唔知你好似一個人?

Zhang Wan: Who?

Lai Yiu Fai: Zatoichi the Blind Swordsman.[2]

Zhang Wan: You clown!

Lai Yiu Fai: Happy trails!

[Lai Yiu Fai: I don’t know if it’s because I was so close to him, but when I was hugging him, I couldn’t hear anything but the sound of my own heartbeat. I wonder if he heard it too…
黎耀輝: 唔知道係咪因為太近佢呢?嗰晚攬住佢嗰陣,我乜都聽唔到。我淨係聽到自己嘅心跳聲。唔知佢聽唔聽到呢?][3]

Lai Yiu Fai: In the past, I didn’t like cruising public toilets because they’re filthy. Lately, I’ve taken up the habit since it’s convenient. I would’ve never guessed I’d run into Ho Po-Wing there. Since then, I haven’t gone back. I always thought that me and Ho Po-Wing were very different people. Who would’ve thought that when you’re lonely, everyone’s the same.
黎耀輝:以前我唔鍾意喺公廁搵人,因為嫌嗰度污糟,最近久唔久都去下,貪嗰度夠方便。 我估唔到喺嗰度撞到何寶榮。之後我就再冇去過。我一直都以為我同何寶榮好唔同, 點知原來寂寞起上嚟嗰陣個個都係一樣。

Lai Yiu Fai: Before I left Hong Kong, I stole some money from my company. My dad helped get me that job –the boss was an old friend of his. The reason I’ve been in Argentina so long and haven’t stopped working is because I really want to return the money one day… and I also really want to say “I’m sorry” to my father.
黎耀輝:喺離開香港之前,我袋咗公司筆錢。份工係我老竇介紹,個老細係佢好朋友。 嚟咗阿根延咁耐我都冇停過做嘢,因為我好想有一日還返曬啲錢俾人,亦都好想同我老竇講聲對唔住。

Lai Yiu Fai: Hello? Dad? It’s Fai.

Lai Yiu Fai: One very hot Argentinian December day –my day off. I really want to write a Christmas card to my father; the more I write, the longer the letter gets. In addition to saying sorry, I told him some things he wanted to know but was afraid to ask. At the end I wrote that I hope he can at least think of me as a friend, also I hope he’ll give me a chance to “start over.”
黎耀輝: 阿根廷嘅十二月仲係好熱,嗰日我唔使返工,好想寫張聖誕卡比佢,點知越寫越長, 除咗對唔住之外,我仲講咗好多佢一直想知,但係唔敢問嘅嘢。最後嗰句我記得我係咁寫,我希望佢可以當我係一個朋友咁,亦都希望准我講一句 “比我由頭嚟過呀”。

Reconnecting with family.

Worker 1: I just wanna eat, man.
Worker 1: Nomas quiero morfar hermano.

Worker 2: I’m so tired of working, I want to go back home. I’m worn out (dead from working).
Worker 2: Estoy cansado de laburar, quiero volver a casa. Estoy muerto de laburar.

Worker 3: We work all day long for two bucks.
Worker 3: Trabajamos todo el día por dos mangos.

Lai Yiu Fai: I wanted to earn more money, so I started working at a slaughterhouse. Besides the good pay, the hours were perfect for me. Working at night and sleeping in the day, I started to get back on Hong Kong time.

Ho Po Wing: Hello? It’s me.

Lai Yiu Fai: Not long after, Ho Po-Wing gave me a call. His excuse was that he wanted his passport back. In fact, I wanted to give it back to him, but I still didn’t want to see his face. I was afraid of hearing his mantra.
黎耀輝:有啲嘢係不斷咁循環,冇幾耐何寶榮又打電話嚟,搵藉口話想攞返本Passport,其實我都想俾返佢,但我唔想同佢見面 ,因為我好怕聽到佢嗰句口頭禪。

Lai Yiu Fai: Lately, I haven’t been able to sleep. One morning I’m watching TV and I realize: Hong Kong and Argentina are on opposite sides of the globe. Dunno what an upside-down Hong Kong would be like.

Late Night Talk Show: [On] today[‘s show], express your feelings or your opinions on any subject whatsoever. Have you been busy (feeling overwhelmed) lately?

Imagining HK in 1997.

News report: There are category two northeast winds around South Island and category two southerly winds in Southeast Shantou. This is Commercial Radio Hong Kong: As part of an ongoing case, two suspects have been arrested to assist the police investigation into what is believed to be an auto theft ring…

Lai Yiu Fai: Since I don’t feel like staying at home, lots of the time I just go back to the slaughterhouse to work. I have to admit, that phrase of Ho Po-wing’s is lethal, but I really don’t want to keep going down that road anymore [falling for the phrase “let’s start over” and getting involved with Ho again].”

Landlord: Hello. Yes. No! Fai doesn’t live here anymore. He moved out. OK. Bye.
Landlord: Hola. Sí. ¡No! Fai no vive más acá. Se mudó. Bueno. Chau]

MINUTE 1:20:22

Lai Yiu Fai: I don’t know if it’s because I got paid extra for overtime, but I very quickly saved up enough money to go back to Hong Kong. Before leaving Argentina, I decide to try to see the falls one more time.

Ho Po-wing bottoms out.

Ho mourns for his lost love in their former apartment.

 Lai Yiu Fai: Even though I rambled about and detoured onto some wrong roads along the way, I finally got to Iguazú. That day, I was quite sad; because I’ve been aware all along that both of us should be standing here beneath the waterfall.

Lai’s bittersweet solo trip to the Iguazu Falls.

 Zhang Wan: January 1997: I finally arrived at the end of the world. This is South America’s southernmost lighthouse. Go past that and it’s the South Pole. All of a sudden, I really wanted to go home (Even though I’m so far away from them, in that moment I feel so close to them). I promised Fai I would bring his unhappiness here. I don’t know what he said that night, –maybe my cassette recorder broke, there was no one’s voice at all, just a couple of weird sounds… like someone crying.
張宛:1997年的1月,我終於來到世界盡頭。這裏是美洲大陸南面的最後一個燈塔,再過去就是南極。突然之間我很想回家 (雖然我跟他們的距離很遠,但那分鐘我跟他們的感覺是很近的) 。我答應過阿輝,把他的不開心的留在這裡。我不知道他那天晚上他講過什麼 , 可能是錄音機壞了,什麼聲音都沒有,隻有兩張很奇怪的聲音,好像一個人在哭。[4]

Zhang Wan visits the “Lighthouse at the End of the World” in Ushuaia (shot at the Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse).[5]

MINUTE 1:30:00

Zhang Wan: The night before I returned to Taiwan (because of problems with my flight), I went back to Buenos Aires. I wanted to say goodbye to Fai, but no one knows where he’s gone to. (I thought I might hear his voice here, perhaps the music’s too loud, but I don’t hear a thing). As I leave, the sky starts to brighten. It must be nighttime in Taipei. I wonder if the Liaoning night market has opened yet?
張宛:在我回臺灣之前那一個晚上 (因為班機的問題),我又回到布宜洛斯艾利斯。我很想跟阿輝說聲再見。不過沒有人知道他去了哪裏。(我以爲在這裏會聽到他的聲音,可能音樂實在是太吵,我什麼都沒有聽見。) 離開的時候天開始亮。臺北現在應該是晚上。不知道遼寧街的夜市開了沒有?[6]

Zhang Wan longing to see Lai.

News report: Leader of the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party, Deng Xiaoping, died last night at 9:08 in 301 Hospital in Beijing, at the age of 93. The Chinese Communist Party Central TV station did not announce Deng’s death until early this morning.
新聞:中共中央領導人鄧小平是在昨天晚上9:08病逝在北京301醫院, 享年93歲. 中共中央電視台到今天凌晨才發佈鄧小平的死訊。

Lai Yiu Fai: When I wake up in Taipei, it’s already afternoon. It’s 1997, February 20th. I’ve finally returned to this side of the globe. (I feel like I’m waking up from a long sleep.)
黎耀輝:喺臺北起身嗰陣時已經係下晝。 係1997 年2月20號,我返到地球嘅呢一邊 (我覺得自己好似瞓咗好耐咁)。[7]

Street Food Vender: Come and get it, come and get it, come and get it! Good eats!

Zhang’s mom: What do you want to eat?

Lai Yiu Fai: What’s good here?

Zhang’s mom: Our specialty meatballs are tasty, and the sticky rice and stinky tofu are all delicious!

Lai “visits with” Zhang Wan’s parents at their food stall in Taipei.

Lai Yiu Fai: Okay, Okay, Okay.

Waiter: What do you want to eat?

Lai Yiu Fai: Ah, I ordered already, I ordered already.

Waiter: Sticky rice, one bowl!

Other man A (to other man B): Our stuff is free, huh? Looks to me like you just want what’s other people’s!

Zhang’s dad (annoyed): Alright, go over there already! Since you don’t want to eat our food!

Other man B (to Zhang’s dad): I already paid for the food! I gave you the money!

Zhang’s dad (to other man B): So what! Walk away! Are you crazy? Go over there! You want soup? Okay. Coming right up!

Other man C: Two pretty ladies, come and have a seat, sit inside, sit inside.

Lai Yiu Fai: Excuse me, do you have a phone?

Zhang’s dad: We do, the phone is in the back. Go around to the left there.

Lai Yiu Fai: Before I went back to Hong Kong, I stopped in Taipei for a night. I went to Liaoning Street. It was very lively that night. I didn’t see Xiao Zhang, only his family. I finally understood how he could be so happy, travelling here and there. Because he at least has a place he can always return to. I don’t know what’s going to happen when I see my dad — cross that bridge when I get to it.
黎耀輝:喺我返香港之前,我喺臺北留咗一晚。我去咗遼寧街,嗰晚嗰度好熱鬧,我見唔到小張,淨係見到佢啲屋企人 。我終於都明白佢點解咁開心,喺出邊走嚟走去。因為起碼有個地方可以返轉頭。我唔知自己見到老竇嗰陣時會點,到時先算。

Lai spots Zhang Wan’s picture at the Zhang family’s Taipei food stall.

Lai Yiu Fai: Goodbye. It was tasty! Thank you, goodbye.

Lai Yiu Fai: I stole a photograph as I was leaving, because I’m not sure how long I’ll have to wait before I see him again. But one thing’s for sure –if I want to see him, then I at least know where to find him.

Lai  on MRT moving toward his future in Taipei.

Lai on MRT enjoying his photo of Chang.

MINUTE 1:33:40


[1] Sabrina Yu is a student at Binghamton University. Nicholas A. Kaldis is the Director of Chinese Studies, Binghamton University. Kin Wing Kevin Chan (陳健榮) and Cecilia Liao are at Hong Kong Shue Yan University. Ashley Yingxue Liu is at the University of Maryland. Professors Ana Ros Matturo and Gerardo Pignatiello of Binghamton University did the transcription and translation of Spanish dialogue. Resources used: HAPPY TOGETHER (Kanopy: Criterion Collection: Janus films, BLK2 Pictures); English script: HAPPY TOGETHER (1997); Chinese Script:《春光乍洩》電影台詞 Happy Together (1997). Minute markers correspond to the Criterion version of the film. This transcription and translation is a work in progress.  Corrections, additions, and suggestions can be sent to Nick Kaldis at: nkaldis@binghamton.edu.

[2] Zatoichi the Blind Swordsman was a very popular commercial movie franchise in Japan with dozens of installments in the 1960s and early 1970s (and later additions into the 2000s). It featured the fictional 19th century (Edo period) blind martial artist Zatoichi (座頭市), based on a character from 1940s Japanese serial fiction. It can be assumed that Lai Yu-fai would have seen one of these films dubbed/subtitled in HK, where the series was popular. Alternatively, Lai might have encountered the blind swordsman in a film where he meets up with the “One-Armed Swordsman” of a popular Chinese-language franchise of the same name, Zatoichi and the One-Armed Swordsman (Japanese: 新座頭市・破れ!唐人剣 Shin Zatōichi: Yabure! Tōjin-ken; Chinese: 《獨臂刀大戰盲侠》1971), a Japanese-Hong Kong martial arts crossover film co-directed by Japanese director Kimiyoshi Yasuda (安田公義) and Hong Kong director Hsu Tseng Hung (徐增宏). The film stars Shintaro Katsu as the blind swordsman Zatoichi and Jimmy Wang Yu as the “One-Armed Swordsman” Wang Kang. For more information on Zatoichi, consult: Jonathan Wroot, The Paths of Zatoichi: The Global Influence of the Blind Swordsman (Lanham, MD: Rowman and Littlefield, 2021).

[3] These lines are not uttered by the character in the Criterion print of the film, but are found in some of the online versions of the Chinese script.

[4] The line in parentheses is not uttered by the character in the Criterion print of the film, but is found in some of the online versions of the Chinese script.

[5] Shot on site at Beagle Channel, near Ushuaia, the capital of Tierra del Fuego Province. Zhang Wan is filmed at what has come to be known as “the Lighthouse at the End of the World,” a.k.a. the Les Eclaireurs Lighthouse. The original  “Lighthouse at the End of the World” that inspired the Jules Verne novel of the same name (Le Phare du Bout du Monde) is actually the relatively squat San Juan de Salvamento lighthouse, around 250 km to the northeast of the Les Eclaires.

[6] The lines in parentheses are not uttered by the character in the Criterion print of the film, but are found in some of the online versions of the Chinese script.

[7] The line in parentheses is not uttered by the character in the Criterion print of the film, but is found in some of the online versions of the Chinese script.