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General Reference

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[Abstract: Motion pictures were first introduced to China in 1896 and today China has become a major player in the film industry. However, the story of how Chinese cinema became what it is today is an exceptionally turbulent one. It encompasses incursions by foreign powers, warfare among contending rulers, the collapse of the Chinese empire, and the massive setback of the Cultural Revolution. The Historical Dictionary of Chinese Cinema covers the history of Chinese cinema from its very beginning in 1896 to the present. This is done through a chronology, an introductory essay, appendixes, and an extensive bibliography. The dictionary section contains several hundred cross-referenced dictionary entries on films, directors, and historical figures. This book is an excellent access point for anyone interested in Chinese cinema and for scholars interested in investigating ideas for future research.]

Historical Dictionary of Hong Kong Film. Ed. Lisa Odham Stokes. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2007.

[Abstract: provides essential facts and descriptive evaluation concerning Hong Kong filmmaking and its filmmaking community. This is accomplished through the use of a chronology, a list of acronyms and abbreviations, an introductory essay, illustrations of individuals and film stills, a bibliography, and hundreds of cross-referenced dictionary entries on directors, producers, writers, actors, films, film companies, genres, and terminology. Having perused this, readers will not only know considerably more about a rather amazing place, they will have an almost palpable feeling for how it works.]

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[Abstract: reprints of Republican era journals: 影戲雜志 1921; 電影 1922; 電影雜志 1924-05; 明星特刊 1925-05-01; 影戲春秋 1925-03-01; 紫羅蘭?電影號 1926-05-26; 銀星 1926-09-01; 中國電影雜志 1927-01-01; 電影月報 1928-04-01; 影戲雜志 1929-07-01; 影戲生活 1930-12-26;《歌女紅牡丹》特刊 1931-04-10; 電聲日報 1932-05-01; 電影藝術 1932-07-08; 聯華畫報 1933-01-01; 現代電影 1933-03-01; 金城?天壹影片公司特刊 1934-04-01; 青青電影 1934-04-15; 時代電影 1934-06-05; 影迷周報 1934-09-26; 明星月報 1933-05-01; 矛盾月刊?映畫《春蠶》之批判特輯 1933-11-01; 良友?電影專刊 1934-12-15; 文藝電影 1935-01-01;《紅羊豪俠傳》特刊 1935-02-02; 電通 1935-05-16; 電影生活 1935-06-05; 藝聲:電影與音樂 1935-[06]; 電影?演劇 1935-07-01; 婦人畫報?電影特大號 1935-08-25; 影壇 1935-09-15; 西北電影 1935-12-15; 新華畫報 1936-06-05; 電影?戲劇 1936-10-10; 影與戲 1936-12-10; 舞台銀幕 1937-03-10; 明星特寫 1937-05-01; 藝文線?“新地”特輯 1937-07; 國光影訊 1937-10-22; 電星 1938-01-01; 抗戰電影 1938-03-31; 亞洲影訊 1938-08-03; 金城月刊 1938-[11]; 文獻?日本侵略中國電影的陰謀特輯 1939-01-10; 電影新聞 1939-03-03; 電影世界 1939-05-01; 中國藝壇畫報 1939-06-10; 今日中國?戰時電影特刊 1939-[07]; 中國影訊 1940-03-22; 大衆影訊 1940-07-13; 金星特刊 1940-09-05; 中蘇文化雜志?蘇聯戲劇電影專號 1940-10-10; 中國電影 1941-01-01; 銀鑾殿 1941-04-25; 電影與戲劇 1941-01-01; 影壇春秋 1941-08-01; 國聯影訊 1941-09-26; 電影與播音 1942-03-15; 新影壇 1942-11-14電影 1946-01-01; 米高梅影訊 1946-08-05; 華影周刊 1943-06-23; 上海影壇 1943-10-10; 昆侖影訊 1947-08-01; 電影雜志 1947-10-01; 電影論壇 1947-11-01; 電影話劇 1948-02-01; 電影小說 1948-04-21; 劇影春秋 1948-08-11; 影劇叢刊 1948-09-30; 影劇天地 1948-10-16; 水銀燈 1948-12-25; 影劇新地 1949-08-16]

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Zhongguo dianying tu shi 中国电影图史 (Chinese film: an illustrated history). Beijing: Zhongguo chuanmei daxue, 2007.

[Abstract: nearly 1000 pages in length, this lavishly illustrated volume contains hundreds of entries arranged in chronological order on films, actors, studios, magazines, etc. Has an excellent index. The best volume of its kind]

Zhongguo dianying tuzhi 中国电影图志 (Illustrated record of Chinese film). Ed. Cheng Ping. Zhuhai: Zhuhai chubanshe, 1995.

[Abstract: this is a wonderful illustrated book, with numerous film stills, posters, photographs, etc, of the history of Chinese film.]

Zhongguo dianying yanjiu ziliao 1949-1979 中国电影研究资料 1949-1979 (Research materials on Chinese film, 1949-1979). Ed. Wu Di 吴迪. 3 vols. Beijing: Wenhua yishu, 2006.

[Abstract: excellent source of materials for the study of Mao era film]

Zhongguo renmin gongheguo dianying shiye sanshiwunian, 1949-84. 中国人民共和国电影事业三十五年,1949-84 (Thirty-five years of the Chinese film industry 1949-84). Beijing: Zhongguo dianying, 1985.

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[Abstract: An annotated list of film journals from the Republican era. Entries include information about the publication, when it published, coverage, etc. The book is lavishily illustrated with journal covers and example pages from the insides of journals]

Zhongguo xiandai xiju dianying yishujia zhuan 中国现代戏剧电影艺术家传 (Biographies of modern Chinese theater and film artists). Jiangxi renmin, 1981.

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[Abstract: reprints of important Republican era film journals: Yingxi zazhi 影戏杂志, Dianying zazhi 电影杂志, Dianying yuekan 电影月刊, Xin yinxing, Xiandai dianying 现代电影, Wenyi dianying 文艺电影, Dianying shenghuo 电影生活, Dianying xinwen 电影新闻, Shidai dianying 时代电影, Xin yingtan 新影坛, Shanghai yingtan 上海影坛, Dianying shijie 电影世界, Ying xun 影讯, Dianying 电影, Qingnian dianying 青年电影, Yingju yishu 影剧艺术, Yinmu zazhi 银幕杂志, Kangzhan dianying 抗战电影]

Interviews (interviews with directors who have individual sections in the bibliography are listed in the relevant section)

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Film Scripts

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[with translations of excerpts from the following films:The New Woman; Spring in a Small Town; Stage Sisters; Chunmiao; Sha Ou; Neighbours; Blood-Red Morning; In the Heat of the Sun; Made in Hong Kong; Hero] [Table of Contents]

Wu Si yilai dianying juben xuanji 五四以来电影剧本选集 (Selections of films scripts from the May Fourth on). 2 vols. Beijing: Zhongguo dianying, 1979. [contains scripts of important progressive films of the 30s and 40s]

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