Comparative Literature and China

Comparative Literature and China: Methods and Perspectives, special issue of Journal of World Literature guest edited by Zhang Longxi and Sheldon Lu, Volume 9 (2024): Issue 2 (May 2024).

Table of Contents:

Introduction, by Zhang Longxi and Sheldon Lu

Facing Challenges and Opportunities: Chinese-Western Comparative Literature and Poetics, by Zhang Longxi

Some Under Heaven: World Literature and the Deceptiveness of Labels, by Haun Saussy

East-West Cross-Cultural Encounters of the Lyric: Horace (BCE 65-8) and Tao Yuanming (CE 365-427), by Elisabeth Harper

The Early Modern Period, Dream of the Red Chamber, and World Literature, by Sheldon Lu

Confrontation and Withdrawal: The Literature of ‘Denitiation’, by Jian Guo

Understanding ‘World Literature’ in China Today, by Liu Yan

Comparative Literature in Taiwan in the Age of World Literature, by Chung-An Chang

Manipulated Translation, Politicized Canon: Reception of The Gadfly in China, by Zhen Zhang

A Re-deliberation of Minzu Literature and World Literature: The Literary World in Alai’s Writing, by Haomin Gong

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